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Pink Parcel Period Talk: Ellen, Customer Service Agent

Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all more open about the perfectly normal bodily function we experience each month? We think so. Each week a member of our very own #PPSquad will be sharing her period stories with you. Read, comment, share your own. Every story is welcome here.

This week’s period talk is from Ellen, our Customer Service Agent.


What’s your period craving?

I crave everything! Sweet or savoury.

I know my period is coming when…

I know when my period's coming as I become an emotional wreck. I cry at anything!

Tell us about your first period…

Living in a girls' boarding house, periods were always a topic of conversation. They would have hot water bottles at the ready to save you with the dreaded cramps. At 16, I was one of the last to start in my group of friends and even though they had all dealt with having a period, I was still panicking about what to do. I remember when I started I phoned my mum in a panic, and bless her she came into school with all the essentials to help me come to grips with getting used to my period, she even remembered the very needed bag of giant chocolate buttons!

Tell us a period cringe (we’ve all got one, hey…)

We all know how immature boys can be... I remember being in Science and I wasn’t allowed to leave to go to the loo. I ended up leaking onto my grey school skirt, which was highly embarrassing, and was waiting for the comments to be thrown by the guys in my class. Luckily, I rushed back to my room at school and changed, hopefully before anyone noticed.

Your favourite thing to do when you have your period is...

There’s nothing better than being snuggled up on the sofa in a fluffy blanket with a classic Netflix series.

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