Pink Parcel Period Talk: Four Women Talk Period Cringes

Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all more open about the perfectly normal bodily function we experience each month? We think so. This week, our very own #PPSquad will be sharing their cringy period stories with you (hey, we’ve all had them). Read, comment, share your own. Every story is welcome here.

The quick exit...


Sorrel, PP Partner Relations Assistant

"My periods have never been reliable. On one occasion I was at a friends house with a mixed group of boys and girls, I sat myself on her bed and suddenly felt that familiar warm, wet feeling in my knickers (OMG kill me now). I slyly got up and to my horror (but not surprise) saw that I had leaked all over her bed. I was far too embarrassed to tell her in front of the boys so I placed a pillow over my puddle, made my excuses then sent her a very apologetic text on my way home."

It's gym thing...


Katie, PP Illustrator

"I was at the gym when my period came as a surprise. I thought I was working up a sweat when to my horror I stood up and had leaked all over the seat. To make a bad situation worse, a guy had been hovering around me waiting to use the machine. I grabbed my water bottle and tried to subtly wipe the seat with my sleeve and made a sharp exit. (I can assure you it wasn’t subtle)."

Beach blush...


Claire, PP Editor

"Remembering this still makes me cringe! I was about 22 and had gone to the beach with my friend, her new boyfriend and all of his friends. We were playing rounders together when one lad pointed at my leg and asked if I was OK. I looked down at my bare thighs (it was denim shorts weather) and there was blood all over them. I had leaked. ARGH. Luckily I had got quite into the game and made some dives so I managed to pass the massacre off as a cut leg, then I just ran as fast as I could into the sea and stayed there until my friend got me a towel to ‘stop the bleeding’."

Travelling tampons...


Dani, PP Marketing Assistant

"I was on a busy tube escalator when my bag got knocked off my shoulder and the contents of it went flying! I was frantically trying to get everything back inside when I watched my batch of tampons get kicked down from the top to the bottom."

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