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Pink Parcel Period Talk: Adeola, Social Acquisitions Executive

Wouldn’t it be easier if we were all more open about the perfectly normal bodily function we experience each month? We think so. Each week a member of our very own #PPSquad will be sharing her period stories with you. Read, comment, share your own. Every story is welcome here.

This week’s period talk is from Adeola, our Social Acquisitions Executive.

What’s your period craving?

"I crave pineapples during my period – my strange obsession! But actually, it turns out pineapple is really great for relieving menstrual cramps as it contains bromelian; an enzyme that helps muscles to relax. It might be a placebo effect but I consume a crazy amount of pineapples when I'm on my period."

I know my period is coming when…

"I feel a constant need to pee (and my craving for pineapple begins)!"

Tell us about your first period…

"I started my period in year 7. I remember waking up, going to the bathroom and just seeing blood. I knew what it was because my sister and cousin had had their periods the year before. I told my mum who not only told my dad, but told what felt like the whole world (my aunt, my cousins, grandma, basically every female in her contact list). I even had a polaroid picture taken to capture that special day – cringe! What can I say? My mum was proud of that special day..."

Tell us a period cringe (we’ve all got one, hey…)

"When I was at uni, my flatmates and I had weekly movie nights and took it in turns to host them in each other's rooms. To my horror I had bled out all over my flatmate's sheets. I could literally feel the wet bedding beneath me but had to wait till the end of the film to let her know. I did offer to clean her sheets and what can I say, we've stayed friends ever since!"

Your favourite thing to do when you have your period is...

"Drink lots of pineapple juice – did I mention I have an obsession with pineapples!? I'll drink a fresh juice in my favourite mason jar, put on a good film and let the fruit work its magic!"

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