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Pink Parcel People: Lizzie, Community Manager

Each week we’ll be bringing you an insight into the people behind Pink Parcel. This week, we speak to Community Manager, Lizzie.

Community Manager Lizzie makes us shine on social (second from left)

What do you do at Pink?

Community & Social Media Management

What’s the best bit of your job?

Receiving lovely feedback from our subscribers, and then being able to interact with it in a very direct way—something that is only really possible in an online capacity via social. Our followers are very interactive, it’s great to receive their posts and pictures (which we often feature on our accounts). It’s also brilliant to watch our social community base grow.

What’s the trickiest thing?

Putting your phone DOWN! If it’s not in my hand, it won’t be far away. Checking-in on each channel throughout the day comes in hand with any social role, but it’s very important to take a break.

Tell us about achievement that stands out during your time at the company...

Expanding our social reach by introducing new channels. We very recently launched on Snap, you can catch up on exclusive behind-the-scenes content there (pink.parcel).

What’s the favourite product you’ve discovered through your monthly box?

The ModelCo mascara. It gives a fresh, fuller finish that’s never dry or flaky.

On Fridays at PP HQ we have team pizza. What’s your favourite topping?

Mozzarella and spicy sausage!

How did you get your job?

I have over four years experience working in both social media and editorial roles—the two areas overlap a lot, so having these cross-functional skills is always a plus. My background is in fashion ecommerce, I have taken in roles at MATCHESFASHION.COM and Lyst, before joining Pink Parcel.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow your career path?

You need to be able to think strategically and spontaneously at the same time. Having a content plan is essential, but there will always be ad-hoc stories and ‘trending’ conversations  that you can and should jump in on. Oh, and listen to your followers!

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