8 Amazing Period Facts You NTK Right Now

1. It makes you pee, A LOT

Thanks to the hormone progesterone, you’ll find you’ll get that bladder busting feeling a little too often during the second half of your cycle. Why? Because progesterone likes to retain water. It does this so that if you become pregnant, you’ll be able to sustain a placenta. When you don’t get pregnant, there’s obviously a helluva lot of extra fluid to get rid of – hence the reason for more toilet time...

2. Your cycle likes to change

While most women get their period every 28 days, a regular cycle is actually anything from 21 to 35 days. And just because you’ve had a year of 28 day cycles, doesn’t mean it will stay that way! Going on the contraceptive pill, stress, pelvic inflammatory disease and extreme weight loss can all affect your cycle.


3. Your first period has a special name

A girl’s first period is called menarche, which is taken from the Greek word men, which means month and arkhe, meaning beginning. The average age to start your period is around 13, although some girls are as young as 8 when they start theirs.

4. Your period can make your forgetful

In the third week of your cycle, progesterone rises, which can cause all sorts of problems including sleepiness and that need to wee a lot. If you’re really sensitive to the hormone, it can also cause forgetfulness and prevent you finding your words. Probably best not to give a public presentation this week then.

5. Walt Disney made a movie about periods

Best known for cutesy stories about abandoned toys and pretty princesses, Mr Disney did once make a film about periods! The Story Of Menstruation is SO DARN CUTE and released in 1946, the movie was used in schools across the US as a way of explaining periods. We can’t imagine the soundtrack was a patch on Frozen…

6. You’ll use around 11,000 tampons or pads during your lifetime

We don’t even want to work out how much money you spend during your life on products that ultimately you throw away. At least with Pink Parcel, you can make that necessary monthly purchase a nice thing to look forward to – and get some great treats thrown in as well.

7. You can gain up to 10 pounds during your period

While most of it is water retention, some of it may be due to over-eating when the PMS cravings hit. To avoid weight gain during this time, try and stick to healthy food options or increase your exercise, which can also help with the mood swings. Failing that, invest in a pair of elasticated waist trousers!

8. Period blood comes in all colours

Well, mostly red or brown. Red blood occurs when your period is moving quickly, at the beginning of your period. When it slows down a bit, the blood gets exposed to air and turns brown – it may also include your uterine lining and tissues, so there may also be a few clumps.

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