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Period Pick-Me-Up: Pelvic Floor Exerciser

We train our bodies and we exercise our minds, but did you know that *down there* can benefit from a workout too? This week PP tries a pelvic floor exerciser and discovers the benefits of putting your vagina through its paces.

What’s the hype?

The pelvic floor is a hammock of muscles that sits between your tailbone and pubic bone. It’s super-important as it lifts and holds your core, controls how long you can cling onto a wee, and can even determine how good your sex life is.

These muscles can weaken after physical activities and life events like impact sports, pregnancy, and giving birth, but there's something that can be done in the PF department. Kegels. The Elvie kegel trainer promises to develop muscle tone and maintain strength with five minute workouts for your pelvic floor – you simply insert it into your vagina and track the progress of your kegels on the app.


The PP experience:

I was excited to finally try out the Elvie trainer as I’d had my eye on it for a while. Here was a gadget that totally intrigued me. Mainly because I thought it would be fun to test the strength of my kegal muscles. I’d do the odd squeeze, if I remembered while I was waiting in the Post Office or supermarket queue, but on the whole they were neglected muscles and I had no clue if they even worked properly.

And of course I wanted to prepare myself for possibly ageing down there. Although my body feels young right now, if I can future-proof my fanny, then great! Especially because I‘d like to have babies at some point. With a weak pelvic floor you can suffer from complications after birth and take much longer to recover. Just learning a little about the Elvie opened my eyes to how much we ignore our pelvic floors.

When I first opened the Elvie, it struck me that if you didn’t know, you really wouldn’t have a clue what it was (it could be a doorstopper tbh). My first impression as I slid away the outer boxing was “wow”. The product is super-stylish with sleek branding, chic device design and well chosen colours. It’s very discreet.

I was blown away too with how simple the device and app worked in tandem. All I needed to do was download, sync, insert the Elvie into my vagina and get going!

The greatest thing about Elvie is that the six unique workouts are fun. Some of the challenges include using your vagina muscles to elevate a ball on the screen and hit certain targets for points – do ten workouts to complete a level and unlock new games.  They turn five minutes of effort into five minutes of entertainment. Honestly. Before you know it, it's over and you're all geared up for another go.

Elvie also helps you to remember to work out by sending you a reminder – you can set the time and regularity of it yourself (8.55pm Monday-Friday, pre Love Island workout was the slot for me!).

I noticed a difference in a week. And in several ways too – from being able to hold on a little longer when I need a wee, to ‘elevated sexual experiences’ (and we all know what that means). The app shows your progress based on your last session and gives you an average score. This way you can monitor your muscles strengthening from workout to workout.

Once I got used having the trainer around it did become as fundamental and easy as brushing my teeth, it even comes in charger carry case that can slip in to a suitcase or holdall for trips away – I never need be without it now!

I'm going to continue my workouts as I think it is important to care for all of the muscles in my body and not just the obvious. The kegal muscles can weaken post pregnancy, childbirth and with age alone. Elvie provides a fun and chic method of keeping them in shape. I’m sold.

Fave moment?

Well, I was surprised that after only a few weeks I noticed a real difference in the bedroom. Like seriously. I definitely felt tighter down there and it ramped things up a notch or two, resulting in a stronger orgasm for both me and my husband. If that’s not a fabulous result I don’t know what is.


Worth a mention:

Ok, so I’m not going to lie, the size of the device was initially quite intimidating. After I relaxed though, it slipped inside very comfortably and remained that way until I removed it. The kit provides an optional silicone cover to pop on if needed.

PP rating:

5/5 – For impressive results in the bedroom

5 OUT OF 5

For more information on the Elvie, £149, visit

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