Some of us can’t start our day without a steaming mug of coffee. It shakes off the leftover sleep and gives us the sustenance to be able to combat whatever tantrums, tears and troubles are thrown our way pre-10am, but did you know that coffee can work wonders on your skin, too? We explore the body benefits of coffee and find out why it's great for the skin.

Coffee beans actually come from the seeds of coffee berries (who knew?) which are harvested, dried and roasted to get the different tastes that we all know and love. However, since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, these beans have also been used in beauty rituals on the skin. Apparently, even Cleopatra was partial to a coffee facial scrub!

Optiat Coffee Body Scrub

What are the body benefits of coffee?

First off, it’s well-publicised that coffee is a fantastic natural exfoliator. Coffee grounds are super successful in removing dead skin cells while still being gentle on the skin. After this process, what’s left behind is silky-smooth, glowing skin. Beautiful!

In addition, coffee is also a powerful antioxidant, which helps to fight the signs of ageing and protect your skin from free radicals (oxidised atoms that attack the skin cells and can result in wrinkles and dehydration). While you can reap the benefits from drinking coffee, why not tackle the problem head-on by applying directly to your skin? Coffee scrubs, like this one, will wake up your skin and blast it into action, keeping those free radicals at bay.

Optiat Coffee Scrub

Can coffee body scrubs help cellulite?

Caffeine increases the blood circulation in your body, meaning more oxygen is pumped around. Similar to the effects of a run or spin session (but thankfully without the stitch, saddle sores and tomato-red face) this results in healthier, brighter and more energised skin. It even helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, if you’ve got a little bugbear over that (though remember, those dimples make our legs ours)! From Mouthwatering Mandarin to Potent Peppermint, the scents of Optiat coffee scrubs will have your skin not only looking and feeling incredible but smelling delicious, too.

Are Optiat coffee scrubs eco-friendly?

And for eco-points, Optiat actually stands for “one person’s trash is another’s treasure”: their range of coffee scrubs (and hemp masks for that matter) are created using unloved ingredients that would have otherwise been thrown away. This is the kind of up-cycling we’re totally into.Pink Shop Pink Parcel banner