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Olivia Buckland Is Breaking All The Skincare Rules

Like breaking the rules? We’ve all heard the age-old rule that you shouldn’t apply make-up after having a facial or after using a face mask, but we’ve discovered some seriously good skincare that you SHOULD apply make-up after using.

Love Island’s, Olivia Buckland, has just launched a sheet mask that preps skin for make-up application by plumping and smoothing the skin. After using the mask, make-up glides on easily for a flawless finish - no filter required! It’s perfect to use before a night out.

Skin Republic x Olivia Buckland Prep + Glow Sheet Mask

How do you use the Skin Republic X Olivia Buckland Prep + Glow Sheet Mask?

After cleansing, apply the Prep + Glow Sheet Mask to your face and leave on for fifteen minutes, as the super-hydrating serum gets to work, feeding the skin with hyaluronic acid and castor oil to plump and moisturise. Meanwhile, pomegranate extract - which is rich in vitamin C - brightens and reduces dark spots and witch hazel shrinks pores and calms irritation. The addition of collagen further plumps and smoothes the skin, for a make-up ready complexion.

Olivia Buckland wearing Skin Republic X Olivia Buckland Prep + Glow Sheet Mask

Massage any excess serum into the skin after removing, there’s no need to rinse. You can start to apply make-up immediately after using the mask - you’ll find that your skin is left glowing and that your make-up blends seamlessly.

Why Olivia Buckland loves it

"This mask is the one! I never do my make-up without prepping my skin first and Prep + Glow leaves my skin bright, flawless and hydrated."

- Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland after using Skin Republic sheet mask

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