3 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss October’s Pink Parcel

We’ve come over all pink for October. Yes, even more than usual! We’ve carefully curated a pretty-in-pink edit of beauty and lifestyle products for next month’s box in homage to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The colour is synonymous with breast cancer charities who provide support for those diagnosed with cancer, as well as their friends and families. These charities also carry out crucial research to bring us closer to a day when it will be completely treatable.

Early diagnosis is a huge saviour to the 1 in 8 UK women who will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, so let’s start an open conversation, raise awareness of the symptoms and get fundraising! We’ll be posting inspirational content, advice, and personal stories in October, as well as delivering this beautiful box, straight to your door...

Raw Halo Chocolate Bar

We absolutely love this chocolate bar from Raw Halo. It looks beaut and tastes even better. Artisan chocolate, doncha know; this is the premium level stuff. Made from 100% raw Peruvian chocolate, sweetened with coconut sugar and with an added dash of pink salt from the Himalayas, we’ve found our sugar crush. We always knew we could rely on chocolate during our period, but this...wow. We’re in love. Much better than an awkward sympathy cuddle from the cat.


Urban Veda Facial Wash or Polish

We’ve got a real lucky dip for you in October – except every prize is a winner! We’re bringing you a taste of Urban Veda’s holistic skincare in this month’s Pink Parcel, as you’ll receive either a facial wash or polish from one of the following ranges: purifying, soothing, reviving, or radiance. Each product is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids so your skin is getting the best possible care – regardless of your routine, or your time of the month.


Blank Canvas Face Brush

For a flawless look, you’ve always got to start with a smooth base. Enter: the Blank Canvas face brush! It’s a little lifesaver for those gotta-dash mornings, as it evenly distributes foundation across the skin. Apply your chosen brand directly to your face, then buff with a stipple motion. You can admire the brush while you do this too as the hot pink handle is totally gorgeous. #makeupgoals


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