4 Reasons Why You Should Become A Morning Workout Goddess

Always book your gym classes after work, but then wine life gets in the way and you skip that spin session for the third time in a row? Well then why not try moving your workouts to the morning?

We know it's hard – that snooze button is your best friend at 7am when your duvet is just so comfy (how is it possible for something to be so hot and irritating at night, but then so snug in the morning) – but this month at Pink Parcel we are all about nailing our morning rituals.

CEO and Co-founder of social fitness app Fitssi, Katie Booth, tells us how we can all go from groggy sleepwalker to zingy, bright boss-girl who is totally on top of her life...

1. Perfect Planning

Getting your exercise in first thing means you can tick it off the 'to-do' before life gets in the way! Work, family and social lives can be hectic and mean you have to sacrifice your workout when plans change, meetings get delayed or you're running late. It also frees up your evenings so you can go out an enjoy that drink with a friend, and even feel like you've earned yourself a treat!

2. Healthy Habits

Morning exercise is an awesome way to set yourself up for a day filled with healthy habits. While there's no real evidence that exercising on an empty stomach accelerates fat loss, starting your day with a healthy mental state does mean you're more likely to want to continue that throughout the day by making healthy food choices. Get into this positive cycle and you'll find it a whole lot easier to reach your goals.

3. Stress Buster

Training raises your cortisol levels (stress hormone), meaning exercising first thing avoids raising your stress levels in the evening, right when you want to be relaxing and winding down for a good night's sleep. You're also far more likely to get to bed at a reasonable time when you know you've got an early alarm!

4. Confidence Booster

There's nothing quite like the feeling that you've already conquered something before everyone else is even awake! That feeling of achievement will leave you with a confident spring in your step for the rest of the day that can carry over into your work and personal life so you have a healthy and happy mind as well as body.

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