The Mash-Up Words We Use When We’ve Got Our Period

Ah, the English language is a beautiful thing. But some of the best words are the ones that aren’t real words at all. Yep, the totally made-up, mash-up ones. You won’t find any of these in the dictionary, but we think they’re pretty perfect when describing what goes on once a month…


That comfy nest situ you make for gratuitous internet browsing. Think cushions, pillows, fluffy blankets. All the cosy.


Got your period? It’s all about you, you, you. Considering other peeps can happen for the rest of the month, right?


Ohhhhhhhh YES. That ecstatic feeling when you’re super-tired and sink into bed – even more joyful when you’ve got your period. For maximum thrills you need fresh sheets, clean PJs and maybe a hot water bottle too.


An evening of nonversation is a night with the girls when chat stretches to Netflix, nonsense and not much else. Step it up with silentsation – hanging out with your bezzies but speaking no words at all. Note: this is different to noversation….they’re the convos you deny even happening.


Also known as Fungry (f**king hungry). We know hanger well – especially when we’re on. Tummy growls and a fierce, burning rage that descends like red mist. Restore things to normality with a huge sandwich.


When you’ve got an extremely difficult decision to make between three things. As in: ‘Do I want the chocolate, cookie dough, or caramel ice-cream?’ The struggle is real.


A little more loving than a hug, but way less sexual than a cuddle. Exactly what you need when you’re on your period and feeling meh.

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