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The Magic Of Magnesium Salts: Stick Some In Your Bath Tonight

In an ideal world, we’d nip off to the spa every time we feel a bit meh – there’s nothing like a dreamy treatment or two to sort you out. But while being buffed, rubbed or scrubbed in a dreamy cocoon is no doubt lovely, it’s not that doable or affordable, right?

So the next best thing is to adopt some home spa hacks to re-create those feel-good experiences without leaving the house. And if you haven’t discovered them already, magnesium baths are a good place to start.

Magic magnesium

For general wellbeing, magnesium is crucial. Like, major. Here’s a mineral that’s responsible for over 300 functions in the body. It helps to regulate the nervous system, boost energy levels, maintain heart health and produce new cells and proteins. Magnesium is way more than just feeling healthy, it’s vital for your body to perform properly day-to-day. We can boost our intake by loading up on magnesium rich foods – spinach, quinoa and mackerel are packed with it, or by taking a supplement, but did you know about bathing in the stuff too? It’s the wellbeing tip to try as we head into winter.

Soak it up

To get some of the benefits of this mega-mineral via a lovely medicinal soak, look to magnesium flakes, ­which are made from magnesium chloride. Add these to a hot bath (with a splash of bath oil to soften the skin too), slide in and relax for 30 minutes ­– or more if you’ve got the time. The magnesium is quickly and easily absorbed through the epidermis, to get straight to your blood vessels and muscles, leading to tons of awesome benefits. A regular evening dip can help you sleep deeper but increase your energy levels when you wake, clear up acne, dry skin or eczema, improve circulation, reduce stress, soothe joint and muscle soreness and menstrual cramps, detox the body and ease PMT symptoms. Who knew?


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