9 Little Wins That Keep Us Smiling Throughout The Day

Sponsored by Balance Me

The majority of us have the same routine day in, day out, especially on weekdays. We walk to work and swap trains with our headphones in and heads down, yet we never (well, hardly ever) walk into anyone, such are we so used to the procedure. Sometimes we need a little something to break up our mundane days; to make it that little bit special.

The ‘For You’ box in your Pink Parcel does this for your period (sign up today, if you haven’t already!), but it’s not often that the big stuff, like promotions, or even new haircuts, come around. We’ve teamed up with Balance Me this month to make your skin smile, but what else breaks up the day?

Here are the little wins that are unexpected but so welcome, that you end up walking on cloud nine for the rest of the day:

Bus Times

No one likes running for the bus. No one likes waiting for the bus. When you arrive cooly at the bus stop, just as your bus pulls in, you know it will be a good day.

200w_d (10)


Freebies are even better when you actually expected to pay. An unexpected free breakfast wrap definitely justifies neglecting your Weetabix.

200w_d (1)

Beauty Products That Actually Work

By lunch, you expect to look in the mirror and see a face that resembles a mirror itself. Balance Me encourages your skin to smile, not shine, and their face wash is made with 98% natural ingredients, so you can smile even wider, knowing you’re looking after your skin.

giphy-downsized (1)

Caught Out

You know you’re totally smashing this whole adulting thing when you get a surprise visit from your period and find a leftover pad or tampon in your bag from last month.

200w_d (3)

Loo Roll

Using the last bit of loo roll. Bask in your psychic abilities, knowing you made the right decision to depart your desk at the right time. #yousnoozeyoulose

200w_d (4)

Photo Op

Getting a photo of the family dog from your mum, or a hilariously deadpan face from your boyfriend proving he DOES wear that scarf you got him. Memes should be medicine.

200w_d (5)

Car Parking

When you’re rushing to the shops and the car park is rammed… until the car just to your left pulls out and you drive straight into the space.

200w_d (6)


Smug reaches a whole new level when you get to passport control and swish through quickly… then look back and see the longest queue ever behind you.

200w_d (7)

First in Line

Speaking of queues, when you’re in the longest queue ever at a shop, but the staff open another till, and you’re first in line!

200w_d (9)


Keep yourself AND your skin smiling with Balance Me Face Wash, available in June’s Pink Parcel. Shop the full range here.

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