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Need A New Yoga Buddy? Lena Dunham Is Offering. Seriously.

If you love the idea of being a bendy yoga goddess but don't know where to start, Lena Dunham can help!

No, really.

The Girls star began her love affair with the ancient practice last April and now gets her fix in her very own (and very cool) Brooklyn kitchen with instructor and fitness BFF Beth Cooke.

The good news for us is that her yoga sessions are captured on camera thanks to a mini-series with Well + Good, so not only can you Child's Pose with the Hollywood babe but you can also cackle very loudly at her hilarious girl talk in the process. A workout for the mind and jaw, if you will.

She first went in search of her vinyasa (the blob pose which allows you to relax so much that you are in danger of falling asleep, or worse yet, farting) in 2016 after going through three abdominal surgeries for endometriosis. Lena said she felt like a “99-year-old woman” and was after a way to help strengthen her stomach muscles and core.

Keen to stay out of the spotlight though, the Golden Globes winner decided working out in the comfort of her own home was the best option. The privacy stopped her worrying about “lagging behind everyone" in class, and also meant she could give some time to her mental health.

She loves Beth's approach to yoga (as do we), saying: "You think about it as a way to empower women and also empower people on a mental health level."

As well as feeding her mind the good stuff, she loves that she can be her celebrated, amazing self while she stretches too...

"We also say a lot of filthy sh*t while we're working out. We're emotional but we're also, like, raw. I am horrid on this yoga mat and she is lovely about it."

So, we suggest sliding into your leggings, laying down a mat in your living room and playing Lena's yogi series loud and proud while you learn. There literally is no better way...

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