Some people hoard boxes, letters, and even clothes, but if compulsive jewellery buying is your vice, don’t worry; we understand. Adorning ourselves in all things glittery makes us feel great and, well, there’s definitely worse things to be addicted to.

Who doesn’t love being gifted with jewellery? Pink Parcel will make you feel special this month with a beautiful pair of silver-plated snowflake earrings from POM and, tbh, it just reinforces our jewellery addiction even more.

Any of these sound familiar?

1. You’re like a magpie.

Something shiny will catch your eye from a shop window 10 metres down the road.

2. You totally understand why the backs of earrings are called butterflies.

They’re *always* flying off.

3. You’re an accessory queen.

You have a necklace or bracelet to match every bag, belt and bandeau.

4. Antique shops are your life…

You can find some right gems and one-offs in them.

5. … and you’ll happily spend your last bit of food shop money on them.


6. You pour over celebrity engagement photos.

Not because you care about the celebs. Oh, no. You want to see that sparkler and dissect it within an inch of its life.

7. You have a piece for every possible occasion.

Whether it’s an oak tree necklace for World Environment Day, or your brand new POM snowflake earrings for the winter season, you say all your words with jewellery.

8. You have so many holes from old piercings…

You know the most hygienic and best-priced body piercers in town, as well as which has the savviest discounts.

9. … Including those regrettable eyebrow/tongue/upper lip ones...

Alas, your 16 year old impulsivity is still etched upon your face.

10. You spend at least 50% of your holiday at homemade jewellery stalls

Because you’ll never get a chance to buy a shell ring or a friendship bracelet again! (Until next year, that is.)

11. You have sentimental pieces you’ll never let go

Unlike Titanic’s Rose and *that* necklace, you have key pieces you could NEVER let go. Not even for Leo.

A pair of POM Silver Plated Snowflake Earrings are available in December’s Pink Parcel and from the POM website.