If You Only Buy One Thing This Week...

Whether it’s been a long week, or you need the motivation to get up and go, we think it’s always time to treat yourself. You are incredible, after all.

In this series, we’re bringing you the low-down on a product that we’ve fallen in love with – one we think you can’t live without.

The product

The Beauty Crop Fabulous Flocking Lashes

How to use it

For a serious flutter, remember to prep your lashes first by using an eyelash curler. Keeping your eyes open, clamp the upper lashes at the corner of the inner eye and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat moving outwards to curl your entire lash line. Next, grab The Beauty Crop’s Fabulous Flocking Lashes from your April Pink Parcel and cover the soft brush in the clump-free formula. Beginning at the root of your lashes, sweep the wand in a back and forth motion from the base to the tip. This coveted mascara has a clever 360 formula which coats the lashes all the way round for an even more volumised look! So if fine, fluttering lashes are your thing, one or two coats will do. If you love a megawatt, false-lash look then apply three or four.

Why we love it

If the cute colour of the tube hasn’t got you, the fine-liner flamingos will. We love The Beauty Crop’s peppy packaging and this mascara is no exception, but this brand is not about style over substance. The new and improved formula is 100% cruelty-free and has so many benefits. It’s gentle but smudge-free, lasts all day and is super-nourishing. Pumped full of Argan Oil and Jojoba, the mascara conditions, separates, plumps and lengthens the lashes. It also surrounds each lash with a water-resistant film that refuses to smear. Plus, the tube is totally zero-waste so it’ll not only last on your eyes but in your makeup bag, too.

Where to buy it

This nourishing mascara may be worth £15, but if you’re a Pink Parcel subscriber you’ll receive the full-sized product in April’s delivery at no additional cost! Alternatively, you can buy the The Beauty Crop’s Fabulous Flocking Lashes from our Pink Shop for £15 (8ml).