If You Only Buy One Thing This Week

Whether it’s been a long week, or you need the motivation to get up and go, we think it’s always time to treat yourself. You are incredible, after all.

In this series, we’re bringing you the low-down on a product that we’ve fallen in love with – one we think you can’t live without.

The product

NAOBAY Orange Juice Hand Cream.

How to use it

This thirst-quenching formula can be applied as and when you feel like it. Massage into hands, paying particular attention to cuticles, whenever you need a moisture boost. Bursting with juicy oranges, the product has aromatherapy benefits too, with the uplifting scent of orange, known to boost energy levels and act as a natural antidepressant.

Why we love it

There’s lots to love about NAOBAY Orange Juice Hand Cream. First off, we love the smell. One sniff of this stuff has us dreaming of Spain, sunshine and summer holidays. The brand hails from Valencia, known as the orchard of Spain, as it’s the largest orange-growing region in the country. It makes sense then that oranges are the focal feature of this juicy concoction. The feel-good citrus scent is an instant mood-booster, packed full of freshly-squeezed oranges and zesty lemons that have ripened deliciously in the Spanish sun.

Secondly, we love the carefully selected blend of certified organic ingredients. A brilliant blend of shea butter, aloe, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and skin-soothing chamomile deeply nourishes skin to leave hands soft and supple.

Next up is the texture. As avid hand cream users, the PP squad know that there’s nothing worse than a hand cream that leaves your hands too sticky or too greasy to type with. NAOBAY have nailed the texture of this product, with a rich consistency that instantly absorbs on application, leaving hands super-soft with no sticky residue.

The name might seem a bit strange at first – not to mention hard to pronounce – but it makes sense when you find out that it’s an acronym that stands for Natural And Organic, Beauty And You. As brand values go, NAOBAY are setting the stakes high. We love that all ingredients are vegan, organic, and never tested on animals. Add to that the eco-friendly (and uber-stylish) packaging that’s made exclusively from recyclable materials and renewed wood resources, and we’re giving NAOBAY a big thumbs up.

Where to buy it

If you’re lucky enough to be a Pink Parcel subscriber you’ll have received the 35ml version in May’s delivery. You can buy the full-sized NAOBAY Orange Juice Hand Cream from our Pink Shop for just £18.50 (100ml).