Pink Parcel

I'd like to say sorry open letter from the CEO

Happy Friday and I hope you are all well.

I’m starting to worry that when you guys see an email from me you immediately think, "oh no, what now!" So first things first, I promise that going forward I will write to you with good news as well as mediocre news starting now...

As some of you will remember from my long and rambling email back in January, 2019 was going to be a year of change and development for Pink Parcel, especially during the early few months. I asked in that email if you could give me until March to fix things, well it’s taken a little longer than I anticipated but we are now in the final countdown of our new website which will launch on the 22nd of May. The new site isn’t just a repaint of the old site, it’s a total redesign of our systems which will finally give the business the control it needs to be able to deliver your Pink Parcels on time. We are so excited (really excited actually) about this new site and the functionality it will give us, that I would say, this is the biggest change at Pink Parcel we’ve made in 3 years.

I know the team have written lots of updates which will be coming out to you over the next few weeks explaining the changes and all the new things we are planning so I won’t tread on their toes, but I wanted to ask for a little more of your patience. During the next 4 weeks as we transition from one site to another (and change our warehouse around to accommodate these changes) there may well be a few more delays and so again I apologise for these in advance. Come June however, ….well I’ll let the PP team tell you about that but I promise you this, Pink Parcel will be better than ever and will continue to offer more products, better value and a far better experience than any other box around!