Getting Hygge With Hoogly Tea: We Meet The Danish Founder

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Hygge is hot right now. Hot like a steaming cuppa, some might say. Founder of Hoogly Tea, Tina Gloggengieser, combined her love of tea and the mindful Danish concept of hygge to create a range of indulgent teas and, well, the rest is history! Treat yourself this period and brew yourself a Chill Out Mint Hoogly Tea (available in this month's Pink Parcel). Pure bliss.

Denmark-born Tina now lives in Brighton and is all about bringing hygge into the British lifestyle. We had a good natter with the lady herself (is there anything else to do over tea?) to get the lowdown on her creation...


How did the idea of Hoogly Tea come about?

"One Sunday afternoon, back in October 2015, I was walking along the Brighton seafront with my partner discussing how the world needs hygge in their lives. I wanted to spread the lifestyle outside of Denmark and thought there’s no better way than doing it through my love of tea."

What goes into the choosing of flavours?

"Choosing the flavours is done by playing around with ingredients that make you feel warm and good, I appreciate everyone has a very acquired taste so I try to cater for all."

Where did your passion for food and drink start?

"I have always been passionate about food and drink from an early age. My parents and their love of food inspired me to appreciate and explore it. I went to chef school for 3 years, studied nutrition and journalism hoping to become a food journalist."

Which teas from your range best soothe and help your body?

"I’d say the most soothing one from the range is probably the Cosy Chamomile, as the ingredients help you relax and sleep better. The Chill Out Mint [available in this month’s Pink Parcel] is great for the digestive system and the Lemon and Ginger is very invigorating."

How does the hygge concept go hand in hand with your tea?

"The Hygge concept is about cherishing the simple things in life and making the ordinary things extraordinary. So it's about taking your time, having an indulgent cup of luxury and not just a quick brew."

How do you live the Danish way of life now you're in the UK?

"I am aware of things around me and never take anything for granted. It is important to live in the present and make your surroundings comfortable. Don’t rush your food, focus on each mouthful, declutter, make sure you have a tidy environment with extra comfortable items like pillows, plants, etc. Look after yourself by making time for hygge moments everyday, even if it’s just having a hot bath or catching up with loved ones."

Do you have any summer hygge tips?

"My summer hygge tips would be: go outside, find a picturesque area, bring your blankets and a luxury picnic – either with yourself and a good book or with others who you love spending time with – and brew some delicious Hoogly Iced tea."

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