For years, detox has been *the* buzzword. The answer for everything. From detoxing our bodies, to our minds and even our digital habits, everything somehow feels a little shinier if it’s had a declutter (metaphorically or otherwise).

Chances are, though, in our quest for clean bodies, minds and lives, we’ve neglected to cleanse the one thing that probably definitely needs a good clear out: our makeup bag!

If you’ve just unzipped its sticky zipper, it’s likely you’ve been met with the sight of a very unwashed blush brush (despite your resolution to wash your brushes more often), a few remnants of eye pencil shavings and the trusty mascara wand you’ve had since 2014 that gets your lashes just right.

We’re sorry, girl, but it’s definitely time for a clear out. A beauty bag detox, if you will.

Starting afresh

Like a new job or home, it’s time to do a recce of what you have, and what you need. The best way to keep cost at a minimum and space at a maximum is by purchasing products that can be used for more than one thing. Delivering a UK exclusive straight to your door, February’s ‘Self Love’ Pink Parcel holds the ultimate multi-purpose beauty tool and we’ve fallen in love with the transatlantic beauty already.

Originally from the US, our Pink Shop is currently the only place you can buy Hikari products in the UK – and their Hikari Shimmer Bronzer is one of the sublime beauty treats in your ‘For You’ box this month.

However, a simple bronzer this is not. Of course, you can easily achieve a sultry glow in the deep dark recesses of February by sweeping a large brush over the entire quad. The light reflective shimmer particles will highlight your features to give a warm radiant look and soften the appearance of fine lines, but that is not all. The individual squares work hard on their own, too.

The rosier hues – particularly in the Radiate, Flush and Splendor palettes – add a touch of colour to the cheeks without the need for a separate blush. You’ll receive one of these three shades, or a fourth called Luster, which is full of luminous bronzes in your Pink Parcel, but you can collect them all by heading to the Pink Shop.

And, if that wasn’t enough, yup, there’s a third way to use the palette. Each square makes for four deeply-pigmented eyeshadows. Day or night, those light reflective particles will have you shimmering with the flutter of an eyelid.

So, what’s left?

Tbh, after your cheeks, skin and lids, all that’s really left are lips and lashes! Not bad for one compact, eh! Head to the Hikari section of the Pink Shop to grab a selection of high-shine glosses, vivid lippies and a mascara that will sweep you, and your lashes, away.

Now, with a freshly streamlined makeup bag, you can literally grab it and run whenever you need to touch up on the go. Never again will you be cruelly ripped apart from your makeup bag that is defo over the liquid limit at Heathrow, or fumble in public to retrieve your Oyster/bank card/house keys that are lodged SOMEWHERE below your hefty collection of products. Bliss.