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How To Sort Heat Rash With This £9 Shower Saviour

Barbeques, summer dresses and a sprinkle of freckles are welcome features of the warm, sunny weather. But heat rash? Yeah, not so much. Lumpy, bumpy skin seems to strike when the temperature rises, but why exactly does it happen and what can be done to help this prickly problem? Read on.

A hot mess

Not everyone gets heat rash, but if you do, it can be pretty bothersome. Otherwise known as prickly heat – or miliaria in medical speak, heat rash happens when the skin’s sweat glands get blocked so that the sweat produced can’t evaporate from the surface. This leads to irritation and inflammation, which causes a nasty rash.

Typical heat rash symptoms include reddened skin with little red bumps or blisters that feel hot and itchy. A rash can show up anywhere on the body and it will often be worse in the creases of the skin where the air can’t reach.

How to heal

The good news is that a heat rash usually fades when the skin cools down – it’s rare that medical treatment is ever needed for this type of rash. Getting out of the sun for a while, keeping the body cool and not wearing tight clothing can help, as can avoiding heavy creams and lotions that will clog up the sweat ducts when it’s hot and humid.

The powerful therapeutic properties of essential oils can also work wonders on heat rash – especially when doubled up with a cool shower. The Greenfrog Botanic Geranium and Peppermint Botanical Bodywash is packed with organic Himalayan soapberries that will gently cleanse hot sensitive skin, thanks to its 100% natural ingredients.  

Take it in the shower and the magical healing combo of moisturising aloe vera, calming geranium and cooling peppermint oil will soothe the hot and bothered area and relieve the itchy, prickly feeling of irritated skin.

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