Off On A Mini-Break? Pack Your Beauty Bag Like A Pro

Have you nailed the art of traveling light or do you still take half the bathroom cabinet away with you on a mini-break? If so, it’s time for a re-think. Whether you’re off to Paris or Prague, a weekend getaway is a chance to be spontaneous! Less time spent packing = more time for fun.

So get your stuff together super-fast with our tips and no-brainer checklist for packing your beauty bag.

Go mini-mad

Not just a space-saver for your UK travels, shrunken-sized toiletries will of course stop you being stung by the 100ml rule at the airport if you decide not to check in your luggage – it’s sad times watching 150ml of your favourite perfume being binned at the security gate. Keep a stash of those plastic bags at home and pre-load the Catherine Malandrino Purse Sprayer from April’s Pink Parcel before you leave, this will save you doing it in the queue. With notes of ruby red grapefruit, orange blossom, gardenia and patchouli, it’s the perfect crisp scent to be wearing in Europe’s most romantic cities. If your favourite brands do dinky sizes, then great (they’re so cute), but if you'd rather go large then good news – the full-size Catherine Malandrino will pass the 100ml test, too!

Flat out

Beauty bags that lie flat are your lifesaver (look for envelope style washbags or flat pouches with a wide top zip) – your toiletries can be stashed in single layers and slipped in your bag or suitcase between clothes. Ones with hooks are handy for hanging up at your destination. What to avoid? Drawstring bags for travel toiletries are a no-no, they create a bulky mass that takes up unnecessary space.

Multi-tasking must haves

The best products for travel are undoubtedly the multi-functioners that give you bang for your buck and making packing easy-peasy. Most fruit-based oils work for everything ­– from hair de-frizzing and leg moisturising to slicking over eyebrows. BB creams are a multi-purpose wonder product as they can moisturise, prime or add tint to the skin. Double-duty foundation/powder compacts and triple-use colour sticks for the lips, eyes and cheeks save both time when you’re away and space in your bag. Result.

Create a go-bag

Most of us will pack and unpack our travel bit and bobs each and every time we go away, but it makes way more sense to put together a go-bag. It’s the tried and tested travel secret of the jetsetters. Make a set of mini toiletries and a streamlined make-up bag that’s separate from the ones you use everyday, pop it in a drawer and whip it out when a weekend away is on the cards – you’ll then only need half an hour’s notice. Use the list below to create your ultimate travel kit. Bon Voyage!

Toiletries to-go

Body wash
Catherine Malandrino Purse Sprayer
Face wipes
Face cleanser
Face toner
Face moisturiser
Body moisturiser
Lip balm
Cotton buds
Cotton wool pads
Tampons / pads / liners

Mini-break make-up

Bronzer / contour
Lipstick / gloss / tint
Eyeshadow palette
Brow pencil / brow kit
Make-up brushes

Hair must-haves

Mini hairbrush
Hair ties
Bobby pins
Dry shampoo
Hair oil/heat protector