How To Nail A Chip-Free Manicure At Home

If popping to the salon for a weekly manicure is burning a hole in your purse, why not learn to master the chip-free technique at home?

Not only can you spend your pennies on something way more fun (basically anything faux fur) but it means you can get your pamper on in front of the TV in your pjs. Ideal.

We know, we know, the whole reason you began going to the beauty bar in the first place was because you were totally sick of your DIY job flaking off the second you blinked, but this method is pretty much failsafe. We are going to guarantee at least 7 days of glossy wear. How's that for a promise?

Nail Art

Prep And Perfect

Start off by filing your nails down to a neat level - the shorter the nails, the less likely they will break or chip - then buff the surface with a smoothing tool.

All About That Base

Use a sparing layer of strengthening base coat that promises a gel-like staying power then let it dry. This first layer is super important as it keeps your polish on, plus it protects the nails and prevents staining.

Polish Like A Pro

This is where the pro advice comes in. Rather than sloshing on two thick coats for maximum colour, begin with a thin layer of your desired shade - we're loving Mavala's contemporary beige polish in Basel. Start with one stroke of varnish in the middle, then two more either side (it doesn't matter if this looks sparse or streaky as it will be covered) then wait again for a few minutes until your nails are dry! Most people make the mistake of layering up wet polish. This leads to the dreaded smudge so give it a chance to set before applying your second coat.

Top Up

You've probably guessed your top coat is as vital as a pizza on a hangover. You're right. Again, look for one with gel-like staying power and paint not only over the nail but sweep over the tip. This is a fab trick to minimise chipping. Now put on Bridget Jones and watch the entire film with your hands on your lap because there's dry (ooh it's been 10 minutes so I think I'll get my phone out my bag and OMG they've all smudged) and then there's dry.

Rehydrate Your Hands

End your sofa manicure with a generous covering of natural oils. We love almond or coconut - they're extra moisturising!

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