How To Get Involved In #PROCESSIONS2018

Celebrating women and championing movements that have made a difference to gender equality is our jam, which is why we’re dedicating this month’s Pink Parcel to the centenary of the women’s right to vote.

It’s been 100 years since the first female marked that all-important ballot paper and with the suffragettes at the centre of it all, we’re showing our gratitude by using their iconic colours – green, white and violet – throughout June.

Before this, women presented petitions to the people in charge but had no success – they were either rejected or just flat out ignored and men ruled over everyone. Thankfully, the movement grew and in 1918 the UK vote was granted to women. Which is why this year, an incredible celebration is taking place – PROCESSIONS!

On Sunday 10th June, we’ll celebrating those very women as part of PROCESSIONS – a series of UK walks in which people taking part will pay tribute to the suffragettes by wearing one of the progressive group's famous shades. 

Want to join us in saluting the suffrage movement? Follow us on social media for a front row seat, or bring your friends along to attend the big day in London, Belfast, Cardiff or Edinburgh.

Signing up is quick and free – you can do it right here! Why not create your own banner and fly the homemade flag as a tribute to the women that fought so hard for the rights we have today?

Also, keep your eye out for June's limited edition Pink Parcel, which is totally inspired by PROCESSIONS! The parcel, worth over £40, features products we love from female-founded brands that are here to make you feel empowered, too. From self-esteem boosting skincare to look-at-me lip shades, you can feel confident to tackle whatever stands in your way, just like our sisters before us.

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