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How To Get Glowing Without A Tan

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Our generation is known for living life at 100mph. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat. And work too, obviously. It’s no wonder our skin looks a little lacklustre sometimes.

At the height of summer, we have more events in our calendar than Love Island has episodes, so this month’s Pink Parcel ensures that you don’t have to slow down, even on your period. Want glowing skin, but don’t have time to lay in unrelenting heat, or coat yourself in brown mousse? Stand tall and proud of your natural complexion and get glowing without a tan.

Let it rain

Let’s start with the most obvious: water, aqua, the elixir of life… whatever you call it, consume copious amounts. It’s age old advice, but it works. Dehydrated skin is not conducive with a natural glow, so get your eight glasses in. A hydration mist is great for when you’re on the glow (heh heh) and need a quick moisture fix, too. Handbag friendly, a quick spritz will wake up both you and your skin.


When dead skin cells build up, it gives skin a dry, dull look. What’s more, the old cells will clog your pores, meaning more spots and a general gross build up. Exfoliating twice with glycolic acid will speed up the regeneration of cells which means brighter, plumper skin and it’s nowhere near as abrasive as it sounds, promise! Nip+Fab’s glycolic cleansing pads are gentle on the skin, and soaked in soothing blue daisy, too. Don't forget to put on some SPF, as your new skin cells may be sensitive to sun exposure.

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Dry body brushing

Your face shouldn’t be the only part of the body you exfoliate and, unless you have a teeny tiny body or a lifetime supply of Nip+Fab cleansing pads (that would be great, wouldn’t it?) it's best to buy a body brush. Rub the brush in circular motions all over your body to not only remove dead skin cells, but encourage an increase in blood flow. This will release toxins trapped in your skin and also reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Get omega-3 into your diet

Sorry, Dory, fish are friends and food. As we know, fish is high in omega-3. The fatty acids are an anti-inflammatory and visibly reduce acne, and skin conditions like psoriasis. Oily fish also promotes youthful looking skin, thanks to the vitamin D and selenium, so don’t let anyone judge your sardine and pita lunch! If you’re a fish foe, snack on almonds, walnuts and chia seeds to get your omega fix.


Remember when we were kids and swore blind that we would be free from vegetables once we left home? Yeah, not if we want glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants like vitamins C and E, which neutralise free radicals and create a more even skin tone (‘free radicals’ are lonely, oxidised atoms that wreak havoc on in your skin), green veg is kind of essential. A little secret though; berries, tea and chocolate are also high in antioxidants. We can get behind that food selection, too.

So there you have it: eat, drink and massage your way to glowing skin, without a sun lounger or tanning mitt in sight.

NIP and FAB glycolic cleansing pads are available in July’s Pink Parcel, in store at Superdrug and from the Nip+Fab website.