6 Make Up Tricks That Help Hide Acne

Sure, acne sucks, but your make-up doesn't have to. From priming right and colour-correcting to layering that base, meet your spot-concealing cheat sheet...

Prep And Prime

Don't even think about reaching for your foundation until you've primed your skin. This step is super important as smoothing balms reduce uneven textures and ensure your make up stays put. Look for products that absorb oil and prevent shine - it will become your bad skin's bff.

Colour Correct

Green make-up might sound like a crazy concept but colour-correction products are amazing at covering red blemishes, rosacea and sores. They effectively 'cancel out' the redness, giving your base an even tone.

Go Matte

Steer clear of luminous foundations. Those 'sheer, dewy' products are actually the devil for acne as they highlight lumps and bumps. Shop for true matte foundations that are oil-free and contain salicylic - an ass-kicking acid that kills acne-causing bacteria and helps control breakouts.

Layer Up

We know it's tempting to pop a huge splodge of heavy foundation onto a brush and paint your face 'til it disappears, but trust us, this isn't the best tactic (unless you're a mime artist). Invest in some sponges, apply a fine layer of medium coverage foundation to your skin, blend, blend, blend then repeat.

Conceal Right

Tackle nasty spots after you've applied your first layer of foundation. This way, it'll give your concealer something to stick to and stop you wiping away too much excess when you finish your base. Creamy, opaque products give the best coverage, just dot them on with a brush and make sure they match your skin tone exactly.

All Set

Make-up setting sprays aren't just for actors and fabulous drag queens, they are a key part of your FU-acne kit. You don't want to put in all that effort concealing your bad skin, only for your make up to slide off in a few hours. Hell no. Once you've applied finishing powder, give your skin a covering of anti-melt, anti-fade, anti-cake spray. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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