Why Are My Periods So Darn Long?

Ever feel like your periods are too long? Like, 10 whole days of bleeding, or even worse, actual weeks! What about if those long periods are heavy too? If you’re changing your pad or tampon on an hourly basis (firstly, you deserve a medal and a year’s supply of chocolate) but secondly, you could have a medical condition.

Usually, women lose around three tablespoons (40cc) of blood each month. This is just an average, but if you are losing more than five tablespoons (80cc) that’s an abnormally heavy flow. If you are also struggling to take part in every day activities and feel tired, dizzy and have shortness of breath, here’s what you could be suffering from…


If your periods are consistently heavy, so much so that they interfere with your daily life, this could be because you’re suffering from menorrhagia. The main symptoms are soaking through your pad or tampon hourly, passing large blood clots and leaking in bed. This is because you don’t have the capacity to control your flow – it’s just too darn heavy! Other symptoms include shortness of breath and fatigue but make sure you book an appointment with your GP as it is treatable!


An estimated 176 million women across the globe suffer with endometriosis, and more often than not, it goes undiagnosed. Abnormal, heavy bleeding and chronic pain are just a couple of the most talked-about symptoms, but this could be the reason for your 10-dayers. Again, book yourself in with your GP to talk about your options.


Polymenorrhea is another type of abnormal bleeding, one which means your periods tend to be longer than average. It’s pretty common and can be caused by factors from stress to over-exercising. Before visiting your GP, it’s worth re-evaluating your lifestyle as simple tweaks in diet and fitness could help.