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How The Colour Of Your Bedroom Can Affect Your Mood

When it comes to your wardrobe, it goes without saying that what you wear can totally affect your mood. A white dress is fresh and calm…a pop of colour can boost your confidence. So it’s no surprise that the shade you choose to have in your bedroom can be a real wellbeing-changer too. And considering your sleeping space is your sanctuary, why not decorate so you feel your best when you wake up or wind down from the day?



Orange is a super-energising colour, believed to boost your brain and raise levels of excitement. Decorating your space in shades of orange – from dusky peach to Mediterranean terracotta – can stimulate energy and help you get creative. Fab for when you’re in a slump and you need new ideas.



Green is linked to health, wellbeing and relaxation because of its calming nature. It balances emotions so can be a great colour to use in your room if you suffer from anxiety or if you regularly find yourself stressed out. Choose the Pantone colour of the year – a lush garden green – or opt for zingy lime, rich olive or fresh, minty shades.



If you want to add kick-ass vibes to your day, decorate with yellow or add a pop with canary-coloured accessories. Yellow, whether that's pale lemon or a bright sunshine shade, can enhance feelings of empowerment, confidence and positivity and might help lift depression. This colour is also connected with the intellectual part of your brain, which means that looking at it can stimulate clear-thinking and decision-making for a better cognitive approach to tasks.


Wild Wood Dove Grey Bedroom Lifestyle

In a survey by, when asked to look at a pink room and explain how it made them feel, 21% of people said they felt calm and 25% felt peaceful. Apart from being the go-to colour for most nurseries and kids' bedrooms, pink wall-coverings are even used in some prison holding cells to help create calmness. If you suffer from insomnia, choose a pink sanctuary to enhance with a good night’s sleep.



Blue is globally associated with trust, safety and relaxation. It’s also the colour of intelligence so if you’re wanting to create a space to reflect and ponder, splash pale blue shades on the walls or throw down a big blue rug.

Photo credits:, Kristoffer Johnsson,, Fritz Hansen, Hotel Henriette Paris,

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