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When Do You Need The Most Sleep During Your Menstrual Cycle?

Ever get extra sleepy before your period arrives? Like, even if Tom Hardy asked you out on a date you’d have to say no because you all you want to do is rest your heavy eyelids? Yeah, that.

We already know how your actual time of the month means you struggle to sleep – you're too hot, you’re worried about leaking and cramps can keep you wide awake – but does your body actually need more shut-eye at certain points during your cycle? The answer is yes!

When Do I Need The Most Sleep?

Progesterone rises after ovulation (the two-week run up to your period). This hormone is soporific, which actually means it has a sedative effect and increases a woman’s need for sleep, therefore making sure you get that extra rest mid-cycle is super-important for your body. If you don’t, you are more likely to suffer from sleep problems during your actual period – a time when you are already in a fight to drift off – making mood swings, low energy and even depression more likely.

Can I Combat Premenstrual Fatigue?

Start planning afternoon naps (heaven!) and early bedtimes about 14 days before the date of menstruation, this will help combat future fatigue. Your progesterone levels begin to drop just before your period so your body shouldn't need the extra sleep then – that is unless your hormones change dramatically. A rapid drop can often cause insomnia.

How Do I Get A Good Night's Sleep?

Make sure you room is cool (15-19’C to be exact!) Use a fan or air-con to create a cross breeze and pull hot air away from you. Also, enjoy a warm bath before bed and then try tea. Your Tea's specially formulated 'Sleep Tea', coming soon in April's Pink Parcel, promises to reduce body heat, soothe your mind, help with anxiety and even alleviate any aches and pains!


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