Here’s Why Body Bars Are The Next Skincare Craze

Every now and again a new skincare trend comes along that truly captures our attention, causing us to clear a space on our bathroom shelf, switch up our beauty routine and rave about it to anyone who’ll listen.

Say hello to the new breed of body bars that offer an indulgent spa-in-a-bar experience plus luxury cleansing properties to rival your favourite liquid wash.

New-gen, innovative formulations made with natural, wonder ingredients have totally reimagined the bathroom classic – think ultra-premium face and body bars that target specific skin types and tap into current skincare trends. If you’re thinking of reintroducing it into the beauty mix, here’s what’s so special about soap 2.0.

Sacred soaps

Rather than dispensing a quick pump or squeeze from a bottle, it feels ritualistic and romantic to unwrap a slab of soap and work it up into a rich, creamy lather. Delicately fragranced and satisfyingly shaped in chunky, angular blocks or silky smooth ovals, there’s something wonderfully tactile about washing with a body bar. Choose a beautiful ceramic dish to sit your bar on in the bathroom, or simply carve off a slice for on-the-go cleansing.

Natural elements

The non-stripping, moisture-locking ingredients in new-gen body bars makes soap’s bad rep a thing of the past. So it’s soap, but not as you know it. Instead of drying out the skin, cleansing bars such as the Dr Botanicals Wild Raspberry & Lemon Moisturising Body Cleansing Bar will nourish and hydrate as they clean. There’s also the chance to eliminate questionable chemicals from your skincare routine; many modern body bars take the no-nasties approach so are paraben and preservative free. The emphasis on natural elements sees aromatherapy oils and superfoods featuring as the active ingredients.

Green appeal

If you’re pledging to cut down on plastic consumption, soap bars are the one. With no bottling involved, cleansing bars can be packaged in sustainable, recyclable materials such as eco cardboard boxes and pretty paper wraps. Combine this with the organic-only and vegan-friendly offerings, and you have cleansing bars that will consider the environment as well as your skin.  

Face values

Previously, no one in their right mind would let a bar of soap near their face for fear of a tight, filmy feel or an acne break-out. Double-duty bars are now gentle enough for the job, promising non-abrasive washing for the body and face, all without disrupting the skin’s natural PH levels. We love the anti-bacterial action in the Chamomile & Sandalwood Hydrating Body Cleansing Bar by Dr Botanicals. The bar’s anti-inflammatory teakwood extract will protect against free radical damage, while the nourishing shea butter acts as a super-smoother for the skin.

Cult cleansing

Soap has reached cool status thanks to the millennial-savvy skincare brands filling their bars with must-have ingredients of the moment. This new breed of body bars solve specific skin issues so include charcoal cleansers for drawing out impurities, shredded coconut exfoliating bars to gently slough away dead skin, and avocado-oil washes for replacing moisture.