Period poverty is on the rise in the UK. Heartbreakingly, one in 10 girls are unable to afford pads and tampons during their time of the month, according to Plan International UK. If you’re as shocked by this statistic as we are and want to help – you can.

Pink Parcel has launched an initiative that aims to help and support women and girls in need by providing access to free sanitary products. And here’s how you can be a part of it.

How can I help with period poverty?

Ever find that you have leftover pads and tampons in your Pink Parcel each month? Rather than stash them in your bathroom cupboard, why not send them back to help people in need? Simply pop any unopened and unused femcare into the pre-paid postage bag we’ve provided in your Pink Parcel and send them back to us completely free of charge. We will then donate these pads and tampons to our local charity partners who will distribute to those in need.

Who is suffering from period poverty?

We’ve partnered up with three charities that help support women and girls that are affected by period poverty;

Binti works in India, Africa, the UK and the US to make sure that girls have access to pads. The charity also works to teach girls what menstruation is as well as breaking taboos and stigmas around menstruation.

York Road Project provides emergency and longer term accommodation for those experiencing homelessness. The organisation believes that everyone has a right to a home, regardless of difficulties, and provides not only shelter but basic hygiene supplies including period products.

Red Box Project provides free sanitary wear within schools. They place constantly stocked Red Boxes of sanitary wear in schools for girls to access, aiming to reach those who may not be able to afford these vital items.

Who else is tackling period poverty?

If your daughter is signed up to our sister brand, betty, her bettybox will contain the same pre-paid postage bag as Pink Parcel so encourage her to send back any leftover pads and tampons alongside you each month. betty is also donating over 40,000 pads to schools in the UK, helping to tackle period poverty. We’re offering free sample packs of bettypads to schools on request too, so spread the word!