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Shop The Body Oil Gwyneth Paltrow Swears By

When it comes to celebs we coo over, Gwyneth Paltrow is a major source of inspiration. Or should that be skin-spiration? We’re talking about her smooth, glowing complexion that’s head-to-toe healthy and natural. Granted, a sunny LA lifestyle, gallons of water and a truckload of fresh vegetables must help, but what other skin secrets can we steal from Gwynnie? Is there a wonder product sitting on her shelf that she swears by for a super-smooth skin tone?

As it happens, there is. Meet the Detox Body Oil from the leaders in homeopathic skincare, The Organic Pharmacy. Along with daily dry body brushing – a tried and tested beauty habit that encourages a healthy blood flow in the body and works to improve the appearance of cellulite on the thighs and bum – this invigorating body oil is Gwyneth’s go-to product for banishing bumps and toning the skin on her thighs.    

Natural wonder

The super oil contains the organic oils jojoba, marigold, St John’s wort, carrot and rosehip to wake up the system and revitalise the body, while the essential oils of juniper, rosemary, grapefruit and fennel work to detoxify, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. For visibly smoother skin on the stubborn areas around the thighs and bum, and a lighter feeling in the legs, make the Detox Cellulite Oil a regular fixture in your body skincare regime, using right after your bath and shower as you would a daily moisturiser.

Daily detox

To de-puff and rid the body of nasty, cellulite-causing toxins, massage the oil into the skin from the foot upwards in circular motions towards the heart. You can also gently rub the oil into the skin using a dry body brush. The Organic Pharmacy use a blend of organic herbs and natural homeopathic ingredients to offer toxin-free beauty solutions for the skin, hair, body and wellbeing. Shop the range – from herbal-infused face products and all-natural mineral sun protection, to a travel kit that sorts all of your summer skincare needs, right here on the Pink Shop.

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