FINALLY! Blood drop emoji to hit our phones

So we’re sure you’ve seen the news - finally a period emoji! We wrote about The Girl Power Emojis We *So* Wish Existed in 2017 and we can finally tick one off our list.

The shame and stigma around periods is nothing new, talking about anything period related is still seen by many as uncomfortable, the Unicode Consortium included (the official body that manages emojis globally). Plan International UK submitted period pants to them and the designs were rejected...thankfully Plan UK kept fighting. Teaming up with NHS Blood and Transplant they submitted an updated design...a blood drop emoji. This has been accepted and will be released with the next ‘drop’ in March.

We’re so excited that there’s an emoji we can use for periods, but we’ve still got a fair way to go with the depiction of periods in language and across the media. Period pants, a tampon or pad, a menstrual cup...these things deserve a place in normalised conversation - we can’t wait to see what the future brings.