Eye Cream Vs Eye Gel: Which Product Is Right For You?

Eye cream vs eye gel – what’s the best product for the under-loved skin around your peepers? Here, we take a look at the benefits of both.

Why do I need an eye care product?

So while we might invest our efforts in precision wing liner and extra-length lashes, when it comes to specific skincare products, our eyes are often last on the list.

The skin around the eyes displays the first signs of ageing, and is in fact drier and more delicate than any other part of the face. Extending a good skincare routine to above and below the eye, and committing to the use of a specific eye care product can help to protect against the elements and the damage of late nights, minimising the the look of fine lines.

But what’s the difference between an eye cream or gel, and your regular moisturiser? Well, it’s mostly about the formulation. Key active ingredients are included in eye care products to target specific skincare concerns such as anti-ageing or dry eyes. There’s often a focus on natural ingredients too, as the area is more fragile and sensitive.

Sure, there’s no miracle cure that will turn back the clock, or work better than regular, clean sleep and a healthy lifestyle, but the right eye care product can brighten the whole area and reduce the damage caused by environmental stresses. Here are two that do that job nicely.

Do I need an eye gel?

For saggy, baggy eyes, an eye gel is the prescribed pick-me-up. Working hard to combat puffiness, as well as firm and soothe irritated skin, the lightweight, cooling texture suits anyone with oilier skin who prefers not to saturate the delicate area with a heavy cream.

For those among us who are sleep deprived, The Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel is a non-sticky solution formulated with arnica and refreshing orange flower water. Dab under the eyes ­– over or under make-up – to banish dark circles and leave the area feeling refreshed.

Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel

Do I need an eye cream?

The beauty of an eye cream is in its ultra-hydrating properties – they can offer dry, tired skin a cushion of moisture which, in time, can reduce the appearance of ageing. The rich emulsion-like texture of an eye cream means it sinks in deeply at night – that important time when your skin repairs while you sleep.

Puffy, sensitive eyes will benefit from a generous shot of hydration with the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply to plump the skin and the antioxidant rich arctic cloudberry fights against fine lines and wrinkles. We particularly love the soothing properties of aloe vera and chamomile in this formulation.