Why Crisp Floral Fragrances Totally Work For Winter

Smell is a very powerful sense. Whether it's that lightly fragranced soap you and your girls used at uni, or the intense aftershave of an ex, a particular scent can transport you down the path of nostalgia and take you away from the here and now.

In the same vein, floral fragrances traditionally let our minds wander to light spring evenings and daytime field frollocing (yeah, we totes frolloc), but what if we told you that you could keep your fave floral fragrances throughout the winter season, too?

With the right notes, a perfume can be both warm and delicately floral. Just follow this handy guide and get your petal fix throughout this month’s cold temperatures...

Choose wintry florals

Rose is a beautiful accompaniment to floaty dresses and flip flops, but when the temperature is 100 denier rather than sheer stockings, go for darker, earthier floral scents like jasmine, violet and iris.

It’s not just about top notes

Perfumes are made up of top notes, mid notes and base notes. Top notes are the strongest scents (we smell them immediately), whereas base notes linger around for longer – sometimes we don’t even smell them until they’ve been on our skin for a while. When you’re looking for a new scent, spritz onto your skin then give it a smell a few hours later to get the full fragrance experience.

Dark notes provide warmth

The full-bodied scent of dark florals and earthy base notes give depth to a fragrance and instantly provide warmth. There’s a reason we love florals all year round. Flowers and floral scents are great mood boosters when spring and summer feel yonks away. They ooze light, crisp vibes – just what you need when the weather is drizzly outside.

There’s a floral fragrance in December’s parcel

Take the whole damn garden on your travels with English Laundry Signature For Her Purse Spray in December’s Pink Parcel (and coming soon to the Pink Shop). Containing a top note of quince, mid notes of white chocolate and jasmine, and base notes of orris root, musk and woody fragrances, this scent ticks all the boxes. As an eau de parfum, it will last on your skin, so you can head off into a winter wonderland smelling like a botanical garden.

English Laundry Signature For Her Purse Spray is available in December’s Pink Parcel and from the Pink Shop.