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These Scents Help With Your Menstrual Cycle Moods


Periods can be a right pain – and we’re not just talking about the cramps. At Pink Parcel, we’re always looking for ways to care for you during your time of the month. Sometimes it’s nice to just feel what you’re feeling without judgement, right? Emily Victoria Candles speak to our soul – the delicious scents mirror pretty much all our menstrual moods! So, as you sink into a hot bath, or curl up with a hot water bottle in bed, fill the room with one of these long-lasting, wax-burning scents.

Cravings central

Most of us can’t get enough chocolate during our period, but why should our taste buds get all the fun? We want to enjoy treat time with our entire being! Satisfy your chocolate cravings with the sweet scent of Emily Victoria Candles’ Double Chocolate Chip. Grab the wax melt from your February Pink Parcel, pop it in a wax burner and you’ll literally feel like you are encased in chocolate. That’s what dreams are made of!

Feeling fruity

Yes, periods can be annoying, but it is a monthly reminder that our bodies are incredible vessels. For those times when you’re feeling super proud of your body (note: all the time), and you’re ready to take on the world, reflect your fiery mood with the zesty Thai Lime and Mango Wax Melt. Zingy and bright, let the room know you’re here!

Get me out of here

In the cold recesses of February, you’ll probably want to escape your current situ regardless of whether PMS has hit or not. The Beach Blossom Wax Melt exudes the sweet aromas of seaweed and water lilies, so press play on the relaxing sounds of flowing water, ramp up the heating and close your eyes. You could be in Koh Samui, Malibu, or beautiful Barbados in seconds.


For those times when hitting the bar and grabbing a bottle of wine with a straw just isn’t an option (drink responsibly, guys), burn a Sparkling Champagne Wax Melt, and feel your frustrations fizz away. And, if champagne isn’t your tipple of choice, you’re sure to find a scent that takes your fancy in the Boozy Box, which has 24 mini melts, so you can change it up often.

Can’t make your mind up?

If you’re feeling indecisive, grab the Popular Picks Mini Melt Box, which holds 24 wax melts in Emily Victoria Candles’ 12 most popular scents. Enjoy the aromas of Lemon Sherbet, Fresh Linen, Rhubarb & Blackberry and more.

Emily Victoria Candles Double Chocolate Chip Wax Melt is available in February’s Pink Parcel. The other scents in this article are available from the Pink Shop