It’s official, green is the new black. From eco fashion, to gelatine-free sugar fixes, there are tons of chic ways to be more eco-friendly. In this month’s Pink Parcel, we’ve featured a delicious bag of Candy Kittens gourmet vegetarian sweets. With all of the innovative and uber-stylish eco-friendly goodies out there, there’s no reason why you can’t look amazing, feel fabulous, and be kind to the planet at the same time. Here are some easy eco lifestyle hacks that you can make right now.

Show some love for eco fashion

Next time you decide that your wardrobe needs an update, check out vintage and second-hand shops, first. From stores that stock retro finds to pre-loved designer sites – there’s something to suit all styles. Green girls should also keep an eye out for labels that make their garments out of eco-fibers, such as hemp and recycled cotton.

Cut down on meat and dairy

Eating less meat and dairy is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, as livestock farming is responsible for a huge amount of manmade greenhouse gas emissions. A vegan diet is the kindest option to the planet, with the lowest carbon footprint, but don’t feel too guilty if you can’t live without your favourite ham and cheese croissant. If veganism isn’t going to work for you, cutting down on beef and switching to plant-based milk can still make a difference.

Swap to vegetarian sweets

As well as the obvious foods to ditch or switch, there are also some hidden sources of animal products, such as the gelatine found in gummy sweets and ice cream. Swapping to vegetarian sweets, like the gourmet goodies from Candy Kittens, is a small change in the right direction. With indulgent natural flavours and the finest ingredients, they are guilt-free (and totally delicious).

Carry a refillable mug

If you can’t live without your cup of coffee in the morning, and the office machine doesn’t make the grade, it’s worth carrying a reusable mug with you. There are some really cute ones out there and some of the large coffee chains now offer a discount when you bring your own. If you like to sip your brew slowly on the train, refillable mugs are also great, as they’re insulated. Using a refillable bottle for water and a canvas tote for food shopping are two other easy swaps that you can make.

See the light

Switching your lights and appliances off before leaving the house is a no-brainer. But next time you go to change a light bulb, replace it with an energy-saving bulb – they’re kinder to the environment and could also lower your bills. There are two types of eco-friendly bulbs – CFLs and LEDs. For a chic addition to your interior, go for a retro LED light bulb with a vintage-style filament arrangement – these bulbs look great without a lampshade, as a focal feature in your bedroom or lounge.

Choose brands that use recycled materials

Next time you run out of a beauty essential, such as moisturiser, consider making an informed decision about the next brand that you choose to buy from. Beauty brands who make their products from recycled materials are better for both you and the planet, just make sure to take your empty bottles and tubs to a recycling centre!

Ecofy your beauty routine

Other eco-beauty hacks include replacing cotton wool and face wipes with a reusable facial cloth, but if you absolutely can’t live without wipes or sheet masks, buy ones that are biodegradable. Re-fillable beauty is another big trend to look out for that means you can reuse your fave products over and over again. Choosing products that are made with natural ingredients and free from toxic chemicals will help to prevent them from polluting the ecosystem. Cruelty-free beauty products that don’t test on animals mean that you can keep your furry friends safe and happy, too.

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