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Super Easy Ways To Detox (That Don't Involve Salad)

If you want to feel healthier on the inside but the thought of eating salad night after night makes you wretch, don't fret! Here are some super-easy, non-food related ways to look after and care for your lovely body...

Press Snooze

Cherish those sun-soaked mornings by staying in bed! The right amount of sleep improves not only your mind but also your health, benefiting your heart and your weight. Have we just found the best diet ever!?

Put The Kettle On

According to public health nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton, drinking tea is really quite healthy and can be better for you than H2O! "Water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants so it's got two things going for it," she told BBC News. We love nothing more than a tasty brew at PP HQ. From calming chamomile and soothing peppermint to gorgeous infusions like rhubarb and ginger, we can think of nothing better than a delicious cup of the good stuff to set us right again.

De-stress Yourself

Sure, you can go to a hot yoga class and break into a waterfall-type sweat, or you can watch this cute video of cats that helps with both meditation and mindfulness.

Up Your Candle Collection

We're still completely obsessed with the Danish concept of hygge (basically making your house super-cosy) and our favourite way to get instant warm and fuzzies is to buy a lovely scented candle. Diptyque is the holy grail of fragrance, but there are plenty of cheap and cheerful brands to snap up on the high-street.

Indulge In Some TLC

Every girl deserves some serious pamper time once in a while. It's been proven that having a massage reduces stress, boosts immunity and even relieves PMS. So, when you book that glorious beach holiday this summer, make sure your hotel has an on-site spa!

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