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Eye Care 101: From Dark Circles To Eye Bags

Early mornings, stress, allergies and even the love/hate relationship you have with your smartphone can affect the skin around your eyes. If dark circles aren’t your nemesis then maybe you suffer from puffiness or bags? Conditions such as milia (those tiny white bumps that are near-on impossible to shift) are also super-common and tricky to shift.

Yep, that delicate area displays many of the signs that show you need to invest in a little more self-love. That’s why we’re addressing those all-too-common issues and finding the skin-loving fixes that will help to refresh your peepers ASAP – with a helping hand from BeautyPro.

Dark circles

Suffer from dark skin under the eyes? Whether it’s down to early conference calls or a child that doesn’t love their sleep as much as you do, chances are you’re probably tired. The blue shadow underneath the eye tends to be caused by a build-up of fluid – oxygenated blood that lurks beneath the surface – and can become more prominent as we age or lose fat around the eyes.

Puffy eye bags

Swelling around the socket is yet another sign that you could be suffering due to lack of sleep, but it can also be a symptom of stress, an allergy, a bad diet, a thyroid problem or even your period! Your eyes could be retaining water due to a salt imbalance, holding histamine which can lead to inflammation or even producing excess sodium levels that lead to bloating.


You know those little white bumps that are painless but pesky as hell!? This common condition is known as milia – a collection of small cysts that affect the skin. Made up of keratin, they sneakily look like whiteheads but are, in fact, almost unpoppable! The condition can affect any age or skin type and is commonly found on the face.  

The skin solutions

Frustratingly, milia are really difficult to prevent but there are some ways to eradicate them once they have appeared. Treatments from chemical peels, to retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids can obliterate the cysts, so look for products that include lactic and glycolic acids. This month’s Pink Parcel also features a rejuvenating wonder product that’s proven to care for the skin around your eyes. Not only does it deal with dry, tired skin and dark circles but it also tackles puffiness and swelling, too.

Inside April’s parcel you’ll receive a pack of three BeautyPro Eye Therapy Collagen Under Eye Masks with Green Tea Extract. The under-eye patches are rich in marine-based collagen, green tea, aloe vera, and vitamins A and E, which work together to provide the ultimate eye treatment. Gently cleanse your skin, peel the cooling masks off the sheet, then place under each eye and leave for 15-20 minutes for a super-soothing, salon-approved treatment. Alternatively, you can shop the BeautyPro range right here.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you could be suffering from eye issues, which range from allergies, to dehydration, to anaemia, to stress and so much more. The depth of your dark circles depend on your skin tone, plus skin problems such as eye bags can be hereditary so don’t give yourself a hard time. Just remember to visit your GP if you’re concerned.