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Cravings Corner: For When You Want To Eat Ice Cream

Along with sunshine and BBQs, we reckon ice cream is up there with things that make summer awesome...we're yet to meet *anyone* who doesn't love a lick of an ice cream on a sunny day. But what if you could mainline your favourite treat in a slightly healthier way? Hmm, interested? Well, meet "Nice Cream". Essentially it’s a healthy, banana-based alternative to ice cream, which also happens to be delicious and easy to make. Give it a go...

Pina colada nice cream


A taste of the tropics – if you eat this and close your eyes, you can almost feel the sand between your toes. It’s both refreshing and delicious.

  • Serves 1


  • 2 bananas, peeled and frozen
  • 85 g (3 oz/1/2 cup) pineapple chunks
    125 ml (4 fl oz) tinned coconut milk, chilled (thick part only)
  • 25 g (1 oz/1⁄4 cup) desiccated coconut

Optional toppings

  • fresh pineapple
  • coconut shavings
  • pomegranate seeds
  •  banana slices
  • How to make

How to make

  • Put everything in the food processor and blend until thick and creamy, scraping down the sides every 30 seconds.
  • Process until the mixture becomes completely smooth and has the consistency of soft-serve ice cream.
  • Serve in a scooped-out pineapple and top with fresh fruit and a cocktail umbrella for the ultimate retro look.

Double chocolate salted caramel nice cream lollies

landscape-1493050943-nice-cream-lollies copy

Incredibly indulgent and creamy, with a layer of salted caramel, these lollies are encased in rich dark chocolate. Whip up a big batch of these and serve them up for pudding. Mind you, that’s only if you can bear to share them...

  • Makes 6


For the nice cream

  • 2 bananas, peeled and frozen
  • 500 ml (17 fl oz) coconut milk, chilled (thick part only)
  • 1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped or 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp maple syrup

For the salted caramel

  • 120 g (4 oz/1/2 cup) almond butter
  • 125 ml (4 fl oz) coconut oil, melted 120 ml (4 fl oz) maple syrup
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
    A pinch or 2 of sea salt

For the chocolate shell

  • 300 g (101/2 oz) dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa)
  • 80 ml (3 fl oz) coconut oil, melted

How to make

  • For the nice cream, blend the ingredients together until smooth and creamy.
  • Pour the mixture into your popsicle moulds, add a popsicle stick into each and place in the freezer for 3–4 hours or overnight, to set.
  • Make the caramel by blending all the ingredients in a food processor until smooth and creamy.
  • For the chocolate shell, melt the ingredients in a heatproof bowl suspended over a pan that’s half- full of simmering water until well combined. Leave to cool.
  • Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Take the pops out of the freezer and run the moulds under warm water. Don’t use hot water or the pops will melt and won’t hold their shape!
  • Firmly pull up on the sticks and carefully remove the pops from the mould.
  • Dip the pops in the chocolate, then arrange on the tray. The chocolate should harden straight away. S
  • pread the caramel evenly over each pop then put them back on the tray and freeze for 10 minutes.
  • Once hardened, dip them in the chocolate again.
  • Freeze for 30 minutes to set. Sprinkle with sea salt before serving.

Extracted from Guilt-Free Nice Cream, by Margie Broadhead published by Hardie Grant Books

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