These Shiny Christmas Nails Are #ManiGoals

In case you hadn’t heard our Christmas clutch has landed! Packed with over £100 worth of party essentials, it's the ultimate stocking for a beauty lover. You can even wear it out and about, unlike a traditional Christmas stocking, which makes it ten times better in our opinion. Head to the Pink Shop to bag yourself one asap.

Inside the clutch, one of the lovely gifts you’ll find is Nail Inc Caffeine Hit in Rise and Grind. The cutting-edge brand are constantly trying to push the boundaries with their combination nail polishes: we’ve had superfoods, gel effects and now we’ve got the world’s first caffeine-infused polish, which stimulates cell regeneration for strong, healthy nails. Plus, it’s glittery AF!

If you’re not quite ready for festive glitter yet, you’ll find Nails Inc in Whitehall inside the clutch too. A chic nude polish is as essential to your beauty arsenal as a good eyebrow pencil, or a colour-matched foundation.

What’s more, these two are the perfect pairing, and there’s no reason you can’t wear both in the same day. Go from subtle to sparkle in five easy steps. ‘Tis the season to shine after all.

By day

Nude nails give a polished look with minimal effort. Of course, you know how to apply polish, but just in case, here’s how the professionals do it:

  1. Apply a base coat to your nails, followed by two coats of Nails Inc in Whitehall. The polish is super glossy, so looks great on its own.
  2. Once touch dry, apply a top coat, let it dry completely, then go about the rest of your day (gesturing hugely at every opportunity, so people pay attention to your fabulously manicured nails).

By night

Once the sun goes down (which is pretty much 4pm now anyway, so you won’t need to wait long) it's time to get the glitter out. There’s no need to undo your expert manicuring from earlier either; with just one additional polish, a thin brush and about 15 minutes you can upgrade your nails to the Christmas max without a ball of acetone-soaked cotton wool in sight.

  1. Using your thin brush, carefully apply Nails Inc Caffeine Hit in Rise and Grind in three diagonal lines. Reapply to create a stronger colour.
  2. Using the polish’s brush, apply more glitter over the middle line to create a thicker line. Again, reapply the glitter for an eye-catching finish.
  3. Add your top coat and let it dry. Voila! Christmas nails, ready to hit the dancefloor.

Nails Inc Caffeine Hit in Rise and Grind and Nails Inc in Whitehall are both available in the Pink Parcel Christmas Clutch bag, Nails Inc’s website and in most beauty retailers.

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