Chamomile Is Our New Fave Beauty Ingredient! Here's Why...

Move over coconut (or just have a day off, we still love you), as we're obsessing over another natural ingredient right now – chamomile. It soothes complexions, breathes life into lank hair and even helps with skin conditions. No wonder it's got cult status. From scented shampoos and indulgent oils to rich moisturisers, here's why you need to give the flower a place in your heart (and your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen...)

Skin Saviour

Are you prone to dry, flaky skin, a patchy complexion or even adult acne? Chamomile's calming properties can help relieve rashes and inflammatory skin conditions. Its amazing anti-inflammatory properties (thanks to the flower's flavonoids) also help with rosacea by reducing the redness in your skin, even if it's sensitive, and improve the speed at which damaged skin heals. Look for moisturisers, cleansing creams and face oils that feature the calming ingredient and you'll notice the difference in a matter of days!

Hair Hero

Chamomile shampoo is super gentle, but if you're blonde it can actually lighten and brighten hair. Not only is it a natural illuminating agent but it has nourishing properties that leave tresses feeling silky soft and shiny. If you suffer from a dry scalp or dandruff, the flower extract gently cleanses that area too, soothing inflamed skin and reducing flakiness. You're probably thinking how have I ever lived without it? Chances are you probably haven't. It's used in more shampoos than you think, check your fave product's ingredients when you get home – we bet it's been there all along!

Body Bliss

Chamomile's sweet-smelling floral scent has the ability to reduce stress and help you sleep. So whether you light a gorgeous scented candle, run a steaming hot bubble bath with a few drops of aromatherapy oil in or slather your body in moisturiser containing the wonder ingredient, it'll instantly relax you as well as help with painful or irregular periods, pre-menstrual tension and menopausal problems.. It's also a lovely remedy for aches and pains, from earaches and headaches to lower backache and period pains!

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