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Should I Be Having Sex On My Period?

The short answer is: yes – why not? Providing those doing the deed are happy and comfortable with the concept of period sex, there’s no reason why the good stuff shouldn’t happen just because you’re bleeding.

Of course it’s worth a reminder that you can still get pregnant when you’re bleeding, but the benefits of period sex include intense orgasms – which can help ease period pain, increased lubrication, and heightened intimacy with your partner.

However, if you still need convincing why getting it on when you’re on can be all kinds of great, we hear from writer Ellen Scott on why she’s a super-fan of period sex.

"I love sex when I’m bleeding"

“I’m pro period sex because I get more easily turned on when I’m on my period. I definitely feel hornier and sexier so why waste that just because of a little menstrual fluid? I don’t see why being on your period should be a barrier to having great sex. If I want sex and so does the person I’m with, we have sex. Blood doesn’t stop that.

“I’m on the pill which I’ve found massively reduces my sex drive, so when I have my ‘fake period’/week off, it’s like all my sexual urges have been awakened. When I was off the pill I was definitely hornier during my period too.

“I think the first time I had sex while bleeding was by accident. I was on my week off from the pill but didn’t think I’d actually start bleeding that day, then saw some blood afterwards. It was no big deal.

"Period sex? It’s totally natural"

“I’ve actually never had sex with anyone who’s been negative about it, because, genuinely, if you’re grossed out by periods you’re probably also grossed out by vaginas in general, which I’m not okay with. You have to accept aaaaall of the vagina if we’re going to have sex, not just when it’s hairless, fresh out of the shower, and blood-free.

I have chatted to guys who have been disgusted by the idea though, and I’ve always tried to explain to them why there’s really nothing wrong with it and ask them why they’re so freaked out by it.

“If a guy likes period sex it wouldn’t make him more attractive to me either because to be honest it’s just a basic expectation, like a man going down, or saying they’re a feminist. I don’t need to be excited about that or grateful. It should be standard.

What holds most girls back from having period sex is an inherent sense of embarrassment and shame. We’re taught that periods aren’t something to be talked about, and basically taught that the vagina as a whole is something to be hidden and ashamed of. We think it’s the opposite of sexy, and we worry about revealing to people that we’re human beings with normal human functions.

"Period sex needn’t be taboo"

“It also because it’s not been normalised. The more women understand that it’s not a big deal, the less they’ll feel weird about being up for sex on their period. Talk about it on TV, discuss it in articles, stop talking about periods as though they automatically mean no sex. Get rid of the weirdness and stop dismissing anything period related as gross and more women will feel okay getting pleasure when they’re on their period.

“I’d also say it’s rarely as messy as you’re imagining. For your own piece of mind, you can get a soft towel to lay down specifically for period sex, preferably in a dark shade so you’re not worried about it. Bung it in the wash straight after to avoid any stains.

“If you’re on a heavy flow, make sure there’s not too much crazy vigorous thrusting, so you don’t end up splashing blood on your walls.

“I’d also like to recommend that if you’re keen on period sex, it’s worth swapping to a menstrual cup or pads the day of. I’ve noticed that tampons can be incredibly drying, making it really difficult to get sexual when you’ve just whipped it out. Just empty out your cup before foreplay and you’re set."