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Cactus Water: Why We're Going Crazy For This Buzzy New Drink

First we were coo-ing over coconut water, then it was cool to wet your whistle with watermelon juice. Now, it’s cactus water having a moment in the wellness world. With everyone from celebs to beauty editors supping on the stuff, find out why CW is the trendiest way to quench your thirst this summer...

It's iconic

Who doesn't love a spiky cactus? These desert dwellers are possibly the coolest plants on the planet and whether they're adding Mexicana vibes to your pad, or popping up as prints in your wardrobe, we can't get enough of the crazy shape, colour and texture of cacti.

It's interesting

If you're wondering how the heck something grown in such arid, dry conditions can be hydrating, it's because cacti are the ultimate water-storing plant.  Cactus water comes from a juicy pink fruit that grows on the leaves of the Nopal plant – or prickly pear cactus as it's more commonly known. If you're ever lost in the desert (with a swiss army knife), this cactus will save you....until then, you can just enjoy it from the carton.

It's tasty

In mild, fruity ­­kinda way– think a very weak blackcurrant juice. Cactus water is vegan, gluten-free and has half the calories and sugar of coconut water, making it a guilt-free shlurp. For cactus H2O on-to-go, give True Nopal a try.

It's good for you

Taurine – an amino acid that is naturally made in the body – is found in catcus water and helps to regulate the nervous system and cardiovascular function. Some studies have shown it can also improve athletic performance and enhance stamina (meaning it takes longer to get knackered, hurrah). Cactus water contains calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus and is packed with anti-oxidants that help to reduce inflammation – the prickly pear cactus is the only fruit which contains all 24 known betalains, which revitalise skin for a healthy glow and fight signs of ageing. Bonus.

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