Hot New Brow Trends To Try In 2018

Happy New Year, PP Squad! 2018 is upon us and we’ve got our positive pants on, ready and waiting for it to properly kick off.

This year, we want you to buck the trend of giving up something to “better yourself” (you’re fabulous as you are, thank you very much) and celebrate this fresh start by trying new things instead. So let’s start at the top (literally).

Brows were the beauty buzzword of 2017 and this isn’t about to change. After casting an eye over the SS18 catwalks, we’ve got some good news: when it comes to your face-framers, it’s *all* about the low maintenance look. Here are our faves to try this month...

Laid back with bright eyes

Paired with bold eyeshadows and glitter galore, these brows are hardly any effort. Forgot to pluck last night? Fear not; the tweezers can take a back seat. Fashion Week saw the likes of Valentino and Pam Hogg pair these brows with bright or glittery lids and lashes, while Roberto Cavalli and Tommy Hilfiger opted for graphic eyeliner instead. Stray hairs are IN, my friend. So cancel your next waxing appointment and embrace the natural look.

Strong and straight

In comparison, Tom Ford and Max Mara went for more angular, powerful brows to match their asymmetric fashion designs. Again, there’s no need to spend hours questioning whether your brows are completely identical – this style recognises that symmetry is a myth, especially when it comes to our bodies.

Brushed up

For those of you hot on the heels of the latest beauty trend, why not try thick, brushed up brows? Keep the grunge look neat(ish) by ensuring your hair isn’t made up of strands that are dramatically different in length but, like the other trends, precise, manicured-within-a-millimetre hairs are not the aim of the game. You can seal with a long lasting, invisible brow gel (like Browcote in January’s Pink Parcel), so they stand to attention. Browcote will keep your brows in place for HOURS and stays smudge-free for when you’ve cheekily penciled in some hairs. Now go forth and conquer.

Barely-there brow

If your brows are more brow-pencil than naturally bold, this look takes no make-up make-up to a whole new level. Some of the models in the Teatum Jones and Ryan Lo shows at London Fashion Week used nude make-up to block our their brows completely! A look for the brave (or the blonde). Make a statement and let 2018 know you’ve arrived.

Whatever trend you choose this month, seal your look with Browcote Waterproof Brow Gel. Groom your brows as normal then evenly brush through a little Browcote to help them set into shape. Browcote is available in January’s Pink Parcel and online from the Lipcote website.