Periods: there’s no topic closer to our hearts here at Pink Parcel. We truly believe that educating the world about menstruation is so important – to break taboos, to open up conversations and to tackle health issues and worries that can be bred from staying silent.

We’re working hard to spread the word through Pink Parcel, but we’re expanding our voice even further through our sister brand, betty, too. Aimed at teens, we want to create a generation of girls and boys who are truly at ease talking about periods.

Now we know what you’re thinking, talking is easy, right? But we’re going one step further with betty by actually getting out into the world and educating young people.

betty for schools provides PSHE accredited resources that teachers can use to educate their pupils about, guess what – periods! We’ve collaborated with young people and education experts to develop innovative lessons which encourage open, respectful and honest conversations about menstruation and the way it affects girls – and the response has been incredible.

"What a fantastic experience handled in a fun, sensitive manner! A fantastic resource!" said Claire Trebilcock, a Year 5 teacher at Boringdon Primary School.

"A warm, lively, wonderful experience. That was such fun – took the mystery out of periods and empowered the girls so that they will be able to support each other in the future. Thank you!" said a Year 6 teacher from Maynard School.

"Fantastic approach to the Growing Up Talk. Children were at ease and enjoyed the discussion. It's been great to allow the girls to take part in honest, open discussion and let them ask all the questions they have. The staff were brilliant, put the children at ease and answered all their questions. It’s a great resource,” said a teacher from Fochriw Primary School.

Not only are we tackling taboos in the classroom, we think it’s important for young people to be able to go somewhere they can trust for advice, too. After all, growing up can be tricky at times. That’s why we’ve also launched – an online platform dedicated to supporting teens. So whether they want to know more about periods, puberty, friendship, mental health (you name it, we talk about it), we’re here for them.

And just like the lovely Pink Parcel you get through your door each month, we’ve launched bettybox – the perfect pick-me-up for girls. As well as all their trusted femcare products, they can expect sweet treats, make-up and stationery galore. It’s pretty much the gift that keeps on giving…

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about you though, did you? As well as betty for schools, and bettybox, there’s a super-helpful page for parents, which offers helpful advice and tips on talking to your child about periods.

We believe that the combination of school, parents and society being more open about periods is the key to scrapping the stigma for the next generation – and we’ve got plenty more to come! So join the conversation. We’ll save you a seat.