Whilst we’re happily clinging on to the scraps of summer, it’s also reassuring to be anticipating the season change – hands up who’s looking forward to more time spent inside with a line-up of incredible box sets, comfort food and candles? Oh yes. Here are the best recent and upcoming feminist Netflix shows to binge on as you bring your fun indoors.

Orange Is The New Black Season 6

Now here’s a prison drama that we’d be happy to watch forever. Fans of this Netflix original series have been glued to their screens for the last five years thanks to a diverse, all-female cast and compelling storylines that finely balance humour with tragedy. Our main woman, Piper Chapman, landed behind bars in her thirties when some dodgy decisions caught up with her from the past, and in season six finds herself moved to Litchfield Maximum Security Prison following the devastating prison riots that took place in season five. A new prison means new faces, new dynamics and some exciting new twists ahead.


House Of Cards Season 6

The sixth season of Netflix’s flagship show had already begun filming when allegations of sexual assault emerged against the lead Kevin Spacey. Production stalled and soon after, Netflix confirmed they’d be cutting ties with Spacey, the series would no longer feature his character Frank Underwood, and this in fact would be the final season. Scandal. So the question on everyone’s lips was: who would step up into the lead role? Enter Claire Underwood, Frank’s wife in the hit political drama. Fans of the show will be screaming “finally” at their screens and while Claire’s political accession might not come as a surprise, we can’t wait to see her in the driving seat. A teaser for November’s launch ends with a powerful hashtag – #myturn. Yes, lady!


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Already dubbed as a Riverdale spin-off, and Netflix’s most eagerly anticipated launch of the year, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina arrives just in time for Halloween and is a darker, spooky reimagining of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Remember that show? The new adaptation sees an empowered Sabrina – who is of course half-human and half-witch – embarking on her education as a sorceress while trying to maintain a normal life at school. She’s smart, compassionate and super-brave – we love her already.


GLOW Season 2

If you didn’t catch season one of GLOW (the drama/comedy that’s set loosely on the real Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling), you need to catch up, because the second series is back promising much more spandex, body-slamming and battles against the patriarchy. The award-winning show, set in 80s LA, tells the fictional story of Ruth Wilder who in season one, was an out-of-work, struggling actress who found one last chance for stardom when she was catapulted into the glitter and leotard-wearing world of women's wrestling. Season two follows the misfit women of GLOW as they now navigate the first all-female wrestling TV show – where the fights are harder, the stakes are higher and the hair is even bigger. Powerful.