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Sunday Vibes: Easy Updates For An Insta-Worthy Bedroom

Hands-up if the bedroom is your hideaway. Yass, us too! And no wonder really, we spend a whole lot of hours horizontal in there – around 50 a week just sleeping. If bed is also your go-to when period pains crank up, or you just want to escape from the world, the time spent in those cosy four walls soon tots up.

So surely it makes total sense to transform your R&R space into a peaceful little haven? Try these easy updates to make your bedroom just that little bit dreamier. Aaaand relax.

Create calm with colour

A slick of paint can create a calming vibe and totally update a plain room. Classic dove grey or dusky pink shades are subtle and sophisticated. Plus you don’t even need to do the whole room; painting a single wall – such as behind the bed – or alcove, can be all that’s needed for a mini room re-invention.


Set the mood with candles

A flickering candle or two doesn’t just create a dreamy vibe, there are benefits to be had from burning an aromatherapy candle. Fill the room with lavender, sweet marjoram and neroli scents to help PMS symptoms and to lull you off to sleep (but blow them out first yah?).

Treat yourself to new sheets

If your bed is beginning to look like Tracy Emin’s artwork, it’s time to clean up your act with some fresh, new sheets. Buy a heap in mix and match pastel shades and change them religiously once a week – dead skin cells, sweat and saliva in dirty bedlinen can attract bed bugs a-plenty. Those little critters aren’t welcome.


Get reflective with mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just for doing your make-up or that #ootd selfie, they reflect light and open your bedroom space too, making your room look larger and brighter. Prop a huge full-length mirror against the wall or make them a feature by picking out interesting shapes with on-trend details such as rose gold and copper frames or leather hanging straps.

Add texture with rugs

For that cosy under-foot feeling throw down a pretty rug. Your tootsies will thank you when you spring out of bed and it can cover a skanky carpet too. A rug in the bedroom also provides a space to bust out a few yoga poses before bed or first thing in the morning. If you fancy.


Bring in some plant life

A burst of greenery in the corner of your bedroom looks stylish and can be super-healthy for you too. Studies have revealed that plants purify the air and filter household toxins from the room, reducing colds, sore throats and coughs. Snake plants, spider plants, English ivy and Aloe Vera do this best in the bedroom. Can’t be bothered to water? Then go for a cluster of cool cactus – they’re the insta-worthy choice.

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