6 Party Prep Fails And How To Fix Them

Preening, prepping, pampering – oh it all feels fabulous, and as we slide towards Christmas, a little self-love should be way up there on the priority list. We all want to look and feel our best during the party season, right?

Sometimes though, party prep doesn’t always go to plan. And we’re not talking about major beauty disasters, more those silly fails that put a dampener on your pampering sesh. If you can relate, try these quick fixes to sort out the mishaps.

Flyaway hair

The situ: What good is clean, freshly blow-dried hair if there’s so much static going on that it just won’t sit sleek and flat. Combine cold weather, central heating and an outfit in a slippery fabric and you have a recipe for off-the-scale flyaway hair – which is beyond annoying.

The solution: The first step to reducing the static electricity in your mane is to make sure your hair is well moisturised, so a weekly hair mask in winter is a must. But for a quick pre-party fix, an unscented tumble dryer sheet will do the job – wipe the sheet over your locks after styling and it will tame the flyaway, crackly frizz. Who knew?

Fake tan fails

The situ: Sure, fake tan is all fun and games (and a gorge sunkissed glow), until you realise that your slapdash application has left you with hands like an Oompa Loompa and you’ve got streaky armpits and ankles. Gah, we’ve all been there.

The solution: Your fake tan faux pas may be enough of a disaster to dictate an outfit rethink (sorry), but before you reach for a pair of tights and anything with a long sleeve, there’s a couple of DIY hacks you can try. Make a lightening solution by mixing together lemon juice and baking soda ­then wipe over the streaky bits, grab a body brush and slough the skin. For day-glow palms you can crush up a dishwasher tablet (yes, really) add some lemon juice and then apply to your hands. Rubbing your palms together, locking and unlocking the fingers to work on the webs, will slightly reduce the orange tinge. Phew.

Exploding spots

The situ: Yeah, yeah, we *know* that going ninja on a zit an hour before leaving the house isn’t the best plan the world, but how tempting is it to pop the spot that’s taking centre stage on your forehead? Typically though, a spot post-squeeze will often look worse than if you’d left it well alone. So what to do?

The solution: If the aftermath is an angry, marble-sized splodge on your face, you first need to clean it properly with an alcohol-based toner to kill the bacteria. Then, take an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel and rub in a circular motion on your freshly popped pimple. Take a break when you get face-freeze and then repeat again until the redness and swelling has reduced. Dab antibiotic cream or ointment on the spot and *try* to avoid clogging up the blemish with make-up – it will only take longer to heal.

Puffy eyes

The situ: Factoring in a power-nap before a big night out seems like a sensible idea. That is until you wake from your decadent snooze and realise your eyes are swollen af and you look like you’ve stepped off a long haul flight. Help!

The solution: So we’ve all heard of popping a couple of cool cucumber slices on our lids to sort out puffy eyes, but did you know that potatoes work even better? Yup, it might not be the most glamorous beauty hack you’ve ever heard of, but the humble potato is an astringent, so they can reduce water retention as well as containing the enzyme catalase that can lighten those dreaded dark circles. To de-puff, peel and slice the raw potato, place on your eyelids for ten minutes and wash off fully.

Messed-up mani

The situ: So you paint your nails nicely, sit patiently for 20 minutes, blast them with the hairdryer, wait some more, and when you’re finally dressed and all ready to go out, what happens? You mess up your mani by chipping the polish. Unreal.

The solution: To avoid those leaving-the-house wtf moments, add these steps to your mani routine. Before you start, wash your hands and nails thoroughly with soap. This gets rid of any natural oils and will help the polish adhere properly to your nails. Secondly, top-coat isn’t just a time waster – a slick will seal the polish, but *only* if the coat underneath is fully dry, so leave long enough before you apply it. Finally, dunking your finished nails in ice-cold water for a few minutes (or as long as you can bear) can set the polish without you having to fan your fingers around for another 30 minutes. Try it.

Shaving cuts

The situ: Even if you try to be really, really careful, whipping a razor around in the shower can result in one of those painful little nicks that bleed for what seems like forever. Everywhere. And who’s got time for that when getting ready?

The solution: Forget wandering around the house with chunk of toilet-paper stuck to your shin, holding an ice cube on the cut for 20 seconds will cause the blood vessels to constrict and will stop the flow. Ta-da. You can also daub a blob of Vaseline onto the nick – the waxy texture will seal the skin and act as a nourishing barrier.

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