We dedicated August’s Pink Parcel to glossy, beauty multitaskers that can easily be packed for your travels and will make you feel amazing while you’re away. The Holiday Essentials Edit, worth over £55, is inspired by the jet set and features multi-purpose make-up and outstanding skincare that can be thrown in your travel bag or carry-on. Can August last forever, please?

And we’re clearly not the only ones getting excited about these space-saving summer essentials. The PP Squad has also been championing August’s Pink Parcel on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, sharing feedback on what’s getting us in a holiday mood – whether we’re jetting off on our travels, or simply staycationing at home. @cornishkirsty on Instagram rushed to show some love for the whole parcel saying: “The box is incredible! Thank you!” And Wickie Tickie agreed, posting on Facebook: “I just received it and it made me so happy! I love everything that's inside.”

Why are we mad about Spacemasks?


Along with receiving period essentials on their doorstep, the PP Squad love discovering new beauty must-haves each and every month. The self-heating Spacemasks in August’s Pink Parcel went down a storm and @museumgirl135 posted on Instagram that, “this is the reason I love my parcel this month, I have wanted to try these for so long. Thank you!”

The ultra-relaxing Spacemasks contain the essence of jasmine and iron particles, which react with the oxygen in the air, causing the mask to warm up. This out-of-this-world mask works to calm pre-flight nerves, take the stress out of traveling or help you bliss-out before bed. Amanda Worrall couldn’t get enough, sharing on Facebook that she, “fell asleep with it on!”

What’s great about English Laundry?

full-size Eau de Parfum too, once you’re back from your holidays. On Instagram, @mampag posted:  “I love these purse fragrances and this is my favourite scent.” @morganpaige08 loved it too, saying: “Mine arrived this morning this smells amazing.”

What do we love about Laritzy Dew Pots?

We absolutely knew that the PP Squad would be fans of the time-saving Laritzy Dew Pots. After all, what’s not to love about these creamy, skin tone matching highlighters that can be used on lips, cheeks AND lids, to give a gorgeous, shimmery glow that just screams summer holiday. Fan Amanda Worrall was instantly won over, sharing her thoughts on Facebook: “I love this dew pot, so easy to blend in!”

Now that you’ve fallen in love with August’s Pink Parcel are you keen to know what’s in store next month? For those of you looking forward to September’s PP drop, we’ve had a sneak peek already and can reveal it’s just as incredible. In a special edition Pink Parcel to honour Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, September’s Pink Parcel has been created with The Eve Appeal and is dedicated to getting to know yourself and your body as part of a total self-care reboot.